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Modified Universal Boutique Smart Remote Key LCD Display Screen TK900 Fob For Mercedes-Benz S Class E300L S500L S400L S450L

  • Number of Buttons:

  • Color:

198 in stock

  • Description

    PKE is the abbreviation of PASSIVE KEYLESS ENTRY, which means’ keyless entry system new generation anti-theft system, adopts the world scientific coding RFID radio frequency technology and intelligent ‘vehicle identity code identification system, takes the lead in the application of miniaturization, low power radio frequency antenna development scheme, ice successfully integrates remote control system and keyless system!

    It becomes calm and elegant to realize the real ‘comfortable entry’ in and out of the car.

    The original car key’s board needs to be installed in the key cover;

    a professional locksmith needs to weld the original key remote control board.

    key functions: unlock, lock, switch the tail box;

    Does not support mobile APP key, no comfortable entry function;

    Suitable for all original cars with one-key start function, not suitable for all manual direct-plug car keys.

    Please confirm whether you have a key start function before purchasing. It is best to send a picture of your original key to confirm. Thank you for your inquiry.

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