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New Ignition Timing Gun Machine Timing For Car Motorcycle 12V Professional strobe lights for cars Auto Diagnostic Tools

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    Re-timing design makes your car ignition get the best performance.
    Suitable for cars, agricultural and marine engines, easily operate on 12V ignition systems.
    Impact-resistant and fine-quality ABS housing.
    Focused lens provides light for high visibility of timing mark.
    Detachable clamp-on inductive pickup, easy and secure to connect.
    The ergonomically designed handle makes you feel more comfortable.
    Fine-quality material, practical and easy to use.
    The clamps are replaceable.

    ● Suitable for 12V gasoline engine

    ● High-strength, impact-resistant ABS shell

    ● The chuck can be changed for easy operation

    The handle is ergonomically designed with comfortable press keys, great touch feeling and easy operation. And the high quality makes it be worn hardly.

    When to check timing?

    the instant of spark plug firing is determined by the opening of the distributor ignition breaker points and will change any time the point gap or Dwell angle is changed.In addition,normal wear on the breaker point rubbing block will change the dwell and effect the timing.
    While cars equipped with the new”breakerless Electronic Ignition Systems” will not normally change timing since there are no breaker points,the timing light can still be used to note changes in timing caused by troubles in the ignition system as well as for resetting timing when components are changed.

    Adjusting timing to specifications:

    1.Loosen distributor hold down locking bolt located at Base of distributor enough so that distributor may be rotated back and forth.Do not overloosen or remove Bolt but leave tight enough to prevent distributor from turning by itself..
    2.Startand run engine.
    3.Direct timing light flash at timing marks and slowly rotate distributor right and left until timing marks are aligned with pointer.Stop engine.
    4.Tighten distributor holddown bolt using care not tochange position of distributor.
    5.Start engine and recheck timing.


    The power supply 12V red positive, black negative, and power clips should not be reversed. The voltage line induction clip is clamped on the high voltage line of a cylinder. The arrow on the induction clip points to the direction of the spark plug for normal use.

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