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New Motorola Moto Razr 2022 Smartphone Folding Scre 6.7" Android 12 Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 3500mAh 33W 50MP Rear Dual Cameras NFC

From R22200.30
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    Motorola moto razr 2020 Phone is China Version with US Charger.

    It is factory original official Chinese rom,supports only Chinese & English, and supports OTA.

    MOTO Razr 2022
    Open the future
    New Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 Flagship Chip | Third Generation Star Orbit Mirror Folding | Dual Screen Dual Horizon

    Uncompromising main folding True flagship

    The Third Generation of Star Orbit
    Quasi-mirror folding
    The new Snapdragon 8+ flagship chip
    The forerunner of the main era of folding Screens
    50 million pixel ultra-large bottom
    Optical image stabilization flagship image
    32-megapixel selfie
    wide angle selfie

    The new Snapdragon 8+ flagship folding machine Folding is faster

    The forerunner of the folding screen main machine era
    It is unique among folding screen mobile phones. Equipped with the new Snapdragon 8+ flagship processor, bringing mainstream flagship experience.Signal ,Where the heart goes Global roaming band support

    19 5G frequency bands + 27 4G frequency bands, multi-country roaming, linking the world.Intelligent strong signal positioning access
    4-way ASDiv

    Dual-screen smart interaction, all sizes can be wonderful

    Two good screens, both inside and outside
    6.7-inch high-brush color inner screen
    2.7-inch high-efficiency touch screenThe internal screen should be large and 144Hz high refresh rate

    The 6.7-inch 1 billion color inner screen is unfolded, and everything is beautiful. Supports up to 144Hz screen refresh rate, enabling a new smooth folding screen experience.External screen Efficient external screen, just a glimpse

    Weather, travel, express, calendar, commute advice, AI health, contacts, camera, dial 9 independent panels.
    The external screen can be customized and the APP can be used for quick perception and convenient operation.

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