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New Original Hisense A9 Reading Smartphone Ereader 6.1Inch EInk Display 300PPI High Refresh HIFI Aurora store 183g 7.8mm

From R7669.10
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    The first Store to release Hisense A9 products on SmeshMega.com: THE CHOOSEN STORE

    Hisense A9 :  

    The first round of sale is over ,the goods will be released these days—before 2022.5.26

    Now the second round of global releas.

    The deliver time is at 2022.6.6

    the 4GB+128GB version is avaiable

    deliver time is at 2022.6.6

    Order now and hope to get a delicate phone case as a gift!!!

    10,000 units have been sold in the Chinese market, please hurry up!

    extra service

    I will deliver Original Hisense SYSTEM, but if you want use the GOOGLE APP

    SERVICES, you can tell me . i will install it before shipping.

    NOTE: About Google app(please read carefully)

    The  A9 your get in hand, can use Part Google apps

    Principle of use: It is implemented by applying a clone, so you don’t need login Google play store.

    How to use:If you want any APPS,Please download app from Aurora store,then add this app into 2Account. run the app at 2Account

    What’s the shortcoming: Google service will disappeared when after reset phone ,but i will send tool to you ,you can install it again easily

    Remind: As Hisense Company limited the ROM ,so we only have this way to use Google app,This is not perfect Google Service,and can’t use Google Map (can work at other Map app,like Yandex map/ Tencent map/Baidu map/Gaode map ), if you maind ,please don’t order, thanks

    NOTE: About Multi language(please read carefully)

    the system language is ENGLISH and CHINESE

    but i can install the app “MORELOCALE 2“

    this app can translator more than 100 languages .

    but not 100% translator,  if you need this app ,you can tell me

    i will install it before shipping

    About the details:

    The power button also is the same key of fingerprint

    Resolution:824*1648  300PPI

    The width of the device is 79.5 mm

    The thickness : 7.8 mm

    Weight :183 grams

    Screen diagonal – 6.1 inch

    Side frames – 3.2 mm, The thinnest

    CPU:Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor

    Memory 4GB + 128 GB and 6GB + 128 GB

    Battery:4000 mAh battery

    Hi-Fi chip: ES9318

    There is an adjustment of the color temperature of the screen from cold to warm (with the possibility of automatic adjustment of the backlight and color temperature);

    This is a further development of the TouchOS shell, which was on Hisense Touch. Closer to the feel of a book

    Camera:5+13 MEGAPIXEL

    Funny funtion:

    1.ADD independent display mode (Smart display mode change):

    You use Balance mode at Whatsapp

    then you use clear mode at Kindle

    at last you choose Fast mode at Youtube

    no matter how many operate you did ,

    when you back to Whatsapp , it will change to Balance mode Intelligent

    2.ADD focus mode

    In order to not be disturbed when you are reading or working, we have added a focus mode

    *when you are immerse at Reading ,You can block any notifications and calls

    *when you are working,you can keep only whitelisted contact numbers

    3.ADD Pomodoro clock lock screen function

    Divide work and study time, realize the Pomodoro Technique, and make everyone more efficient. Free up more time to spend with more important people.

    4.ADD Schulte Grid Game

    Helps you relax and develop stronger focus

    5.ADD seven lock screen desktop

    *New word lock screen- help you learn new words

    *Clocl lock screen-help you have a nice clock

    *Reading lock screen-open the book more faster

    *Current interface lock screen-When you have been away for a while, continue with the previous phone operations

    *Daily arrangement-Display the contents of your memo on the screen,Reasonable arrangement of daily affairs

    *wallpaper lock screen-show nice wallpapers

    *Art lock screen-show nice Art pictures

    6.ADD Sketch photos-make your photos more artistic

    7.Notification vibration



    There are daily arrangementmany more powerful functions, you must explore them and hope to share with Hisense fans.

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