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Newest XTOOL AD10 code reader OBD2 ELM327 OBD 2 HUD Mini car tools Engine 4 system for Android IOS car Auto Diagnostic scanner

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    XTOOL AD10 is the latest in-vehicle OBD2 diagnostic tool.It supports the diagnosis of engine / chassis / body / electrical equipment systems.Automatically identify the car, read the car’s error code,Detailed explanation of various common codes makes it easy for car owners to understand car problems.Included vehicle performance PK leaderboard, which can be uploaded to Facebook at any time to share with friends
    Read VIN and Ranking List functions need the Phone under the Internet , please make sure your phone with the Internet!
    Why Choose AD10
    1.AD10 can automatically identify the car, read the fault code and classify it to ensure the safety of the owner
    2.AD10 provides professional repair suggestions after reading the fault code (how to repair)
    3.AD10 comes with a free APP, which contains all the functions of ELM327
    4.AD10 has 4.2 Bluetooth, which can be automatically identified and connected to Bluetooth quickly.
    5.AD10 with HUD function
    6.AD10 records 100m acceleration time, can be online and other car owners PK, and upload rankings to Facebook, VK or other platforms
    7.AD10 has a built-in professional chip, which reduces the power consumption of the car and can be connected to the car for a long time.
    9.AD10 comes with data frames, including some code reader functions
    XTOOL AD10 is a newest vehicle OBD2 diagnostic tool
    It supports engine / chassis / body / electrical equipment system diagnosis.
    Automatically identify the car, read the car’s error code,
    interpret various common codes in detail to make it easy for car owners to understand car problems.
    Comes with vehicle performance PK leaderboards, upload to Facebook at any time to share with friends

    Please make sure your bluetooth is open and give the Bluetooth permissions for this AD10 application,some functions need work with internet,please make sure your phone is with the internet also ,for now just support for the Android and IOS will online in 30 days .any problems please contact with us we will try to fix it and update the applications for help .

    Motive / Chassis / Body / Electrical System diagnostics for 29 systems
    The AD10 can read the vehicle error codes in real time and divides the error codes into three levels.
    1.Can keep drive
    2.Please try to fix it as soon as possible
    3.Please stop it and find for solutions
    Please Download the newest sofwtare from Googlet Markets and Seach “AD10” or check the QC Code
    Note :The Bluetooth don’t need contact with the phone setting .just open the AD10 software he will contact with himself
    Q:What’s car models this AD10 works with can this suitable for my car ? 
    A:this ad10 works for all obd2 car models after 1996.EOBD vehicles (European gasoline cars of 2001 and European diesel cars of 2003/2004) 
    Q:what’s this AD10 main works for
    A:AD10 can read your engineer systems error code and tell you what’s this ,why make this ,how solve this ,also with can make all ELM327 functions 
    Q:Why my phone can’t contact with the Bluetooth 
    A:please make sure your phone bluetooth is open ,and make sure you have give the Bluetooth permissions for this AD10 application (please check it in your phone setting ) 
    Q:will this AD10 works for both Android phone and Iphone IOS 
    A:As now this AD10 just works for the Android but around 30 days the Ad10 can works for IOS also , just please keep APP update 
    Q:why this AD10 can’t read my Car VIN 

    A:some functions need work with with internet ,please make sure you have contact with the Internet already. And some car models this AD10 can’t read out please just you can write it yourself

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