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OBEPEAK D91 12" Car DVR Rearview Mirror 4G Android 8.1 Dash Cam GPS Navigation ADAS Full HD 1080P Car Video Camera Recorder DVRS

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    Regarding delivery, the product is in Poland warehouse, Russian warehouse, South Korea warehouse, China official Selection warehouse, sufficient inventory, no rest during Chinese New Year, sent within 24 hours after placing the order, 3-5 days to arrive quickly, to meet your speed requirements

    After sale

    15 days no reason to return: Russia, United States, Spain, France, Brazil, Netherlands, Israel, Poland, United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Chile, Ukraine, Japan, Mexico, Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal 24 countries support, if the goods are not satisfied, please contact customer service first.
    One-year warranty: within one year of purchasing the product, if there is any non-human damage failure, please contact customer service, we will provide you with the most complete after-sales service.


    Shipping from China
    Russia: Join AE PLUS, delivery within 24 hours, some cities in Russia can arrive on the 10th.

    South Korea: 5 days to arrive

    Europe: 7-10 days to arrive

    During Chinese New Year, from January 28th to February 8th, no rest, continuous delivery

    All shipments are made through SmeshMega.com Selection Standard Shipping

    Shipment from Russia
    3-5 days to arrive in most cities of Russia

    Shipping from Poland
    Available countries:Poland France Germany Italy Austria Czech Republic Denmark Luxembourg Netherlands Belgium United Kingdom Hungary Slovakia Slovenia Ireland Finland Latvia Lithuania Sweden Bulgaria Estonia Greece Romania

    12-inch panoramic streaming IPS touch screen, In the process of driving,you can not only see the complete and clear back road three -carroad conditions, but also include more road scenery.

    Front camera captures FHD video, wide dynamic range allows the camera to perform optimally in any lighting situation by
    adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage. Front and rear camera 2 channels are recording simultaneously,
    they could be running in the background, even extinguished the screen or moving on the GPS navigation.

    OBDPEAK DVR can operate normally between minus 50 degrees Celsius and plus 80 degrees Celsius, and we have undergone rigorous testing.
    Smart rear view angle switch between driving and parking. You could see all further vehicles and objects clearly behind
    you while real-time driving and it will lower the rear view angle automatically to give a closer backup image when parking.

    Download your favorite GPS to internal memory, with the addtional GPS antenna, this dvr provides the best experience no matter the destination is. Plus, it’s  3G/4G network function , helps the dvr to get more quickly  and smoothly online GPS navigation. 
    A new generation of upgraded kernels.running smoothly, bid farewell to the crash.
    Thanks to 4G SIM card and built in wifi, no matter where you are driving, you will enjoy the fun from internet surfing , make it possible for online navigation/ music /movie ect .
    Road Safety Warning Systems ADAS (LDWS/FCWS/FVDW)(for D80 and D81 versions)
    When this car dvr sets up the same FM frequency as car radio (eg.88.0),   dvr will output the audio via FM transmitter function to your car speaker.
    We give Buck Line, the style is sent randomly, but the function is consistent. Use the buck line to not occupy the cigarette lighter interface. So, OBDPEAK DVR can realize 24H parking monitoring function!

    Warm and Important Tip
    The device need connect to car power will work well, if you charge at home with other charger the screen will flash or the device will damage because of unstable voltage and current.

    Q: How to connect the power cable?

    A:1. Suggest search the information from internet to find your car fuse box ,open the box with the plastic pry tool 
    2. Use the electro probe ,find the ACC power fuse and Constant power fuse ,we recommend you use reading lamps , headlights, tail lamps , turn signals, power windows fuse to supply for the Constant power (if they are constant power fuse )
    3. ACC power: When you plug your car key then turn it to ACC ,the power will work .if you urn your car Key to Lock or unplug your can ,the power will be off .Connect the red wire (ACC) with the ACC power fuse.
    4 .Constant power: plug or unplug your car key ,the power is uninterrupted .Connect the yellow wire ( B ) with the Constant Power fuse. For some cars ,you have to cut the wires, refit them then connect them with the car fuses .Then plug the fuse to where it is
    5. The GND wire (black ) to connect it with steel plate or screw

    Q:How to use the remote control app “Car Keeper”?
    A: Please follow the picture to find the app, then scan the QR download to your phone, then scan the another QR to connect the mirror;

    Q:How to calibrate ADAS?
    A:Need to click the ‘car’ icon to open, and need connecting the GPS module, long time press the button to calibration; please refer to the picture

    Q: How to make 4G work?
    A: Before order 3G/4G version, please check the sim internet support your local band: 2G 1 GSM:900(B8)/1800(B3); 3G WCDMA:2100(B1)/900(B8); 4G/LTE:FDD,2100(B1)/1800(B3) .otherwise, this function not working ; when use the sim card, please insert the sim card in right way;

    Q: What’s the map the device support?

    A: Our product supports Google Maps and some offline maps. If you need it, we will send offline map data to you. The installation is very simple!

    Q: Does it need internet when using map?
    A: If it’s an offline map, it doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet, if it’s an online map, it needs to be connected to the Internet

    Q: Adas does not broadcast in other languages? 
    A: At present, Adas supports only English, others languages are unavailable.

    Q: It shows that the App connected to other users? 
    A: Connect the network to maintain 5 minutes, then restore the factory settings, scan and bind again.

    1. Our products include rear view cameras. If you want to use your own rear camera, it may not work properly. We recommend using the original camera in the packaging.
    2. This product should be connected to the power supply through the charger in the package to ensure that there is enough voltage and current to support the normal operation of this product. If you only use the USB connection, the recorder will not turn on.
    3. The shape of the charger and the rear camera may be different, but the functions are the same.

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