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Original ASUS ROG Comes to TWS True Wireless Gaming Headset27-hour battery life IPX4 water resistance Fits ROG6 ROG6 PRO ROG6D

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    ROG TWS Headset

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    100% Guarantee Original Mobile Phone

    ROG Comes to TWS True Wireless Gaming Headset

    The ROG Advent TWS True Wireless Gaming Headset features low-latency wireless connectivity, ANC, approximately 27 hours of battery life with wireless charging case, IPX4 water resistance, and EQ/Virtual 7.1 channel support via Armoury Crate software

    * Low-latency wireless audio: Game Mode provides low-latency audio and video synchronization, giving players a winning edge

    * Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation detects and filters noise from inside and outside the headset for an immersive audio experience

    * Long battery life: 27 hours of battery life and fast charging technology
    Wireless charging: The earphone case can be charged with a compatible wireless charging pad

    *Quick Touch: Tap the control area to quickly adjust in-game

    *IPX4 waterproof rating: IPX4 waterproof provides additional protection

    Wireless untethered

    ROG Advent TWS True Wireless Gaming Headset features hybrid ANC technology and low-latency wireless connectivity to keep you focused and enjoy an immersive sound experience. The EQ and specially tuned 10mm ASUS Essence drivers enhance your gaming experience, while up to 27 hours of battery life, wireless charging and IPX4 water resistance let you play on the go.

    Low latency game connection

    Turn on Game Mode with a gentle touch or Ortron software to provide a low-latency connection and better synchronization between sound and picture to give you a winning edge.

    ANC Active Noise Cancellation Immersive experience

    ANC Active Noise Cancellation
    Immersive experience

    Great sound quality

    The bespoke 10mm ASUS Essence drivers and sealed chambers deliver rich and pure sound, especially in the mid-high audio range, while the strong bass allows you to enjoy an immersive sound experience.

    Long battery life with fast charging

    With ANC off, it provides approximately 5.5 hours per charge and extends the time by approximately 21.5 hours with the charging case. When the power is low, with fast charging technology, it only takes 10 minutes to charge for 1.5 hours.

    IPX4 waterproof rating

    IPX4 waterproofing provides additional protection and increased durability.

    Immediate control at your fingertips

    Simply tap the control area with your fingertips to make quick in-game adjustments.

    Ortron Software

    Download Armoury Crate software to your mobile device and use it with the ROG Descending TWS True Wireless Gaming Headset to boost audio performance and easily control game modes, EQ and virtual surround sound.

    1.Game mode is only available for video games and is not required to watch movies, as most movie playback systems automatically optimize audio-video synchronization.

    2.When Heavy ANC mode is turned on, some users may experience pressure in their ears. If this causes discomfort, switch to mild ANC mode or turn off ANC.

    3.In situations or environments that require attention to ambient sound, such as driving or construction sites, do not use headphones or toggle ANC mode on and off. Failure to do so may pose a danger to you and others.

    4.Voice assistants are available for Google Assistant, Siri, Samsung Bixby, and Amazon Alexa.

    5.IPX4 waterproofing provides water repellent protection from a variety of angles. However, please note that the charging case is not waterproof.

    6.When ANC is turned on, the battery lasts for about 22 hours; 5 hours of electricity come from the earbuds themselves and another 17 hours from the charging case.
    When ANC is turned off, the battery lasts for about 27 hours; Of this, 5.5 hours of electricity comes from the earbuds themselves, and another 21.5 hours of electricity comes from the charging case.
    Actual battery life and charging time during actual use vary depending on usage.

    7.ROG Advent TWS True Wireless Gaming Headphones ship with mid-size earbuds in a package with small and large size earbuds, allowing users to choose the right earbuds for the best listening experience.

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