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Original For Infinix Zero 8 X687 LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement

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998 in stock

  • Description

    Buyer’s purchase order;

    1. This product is for reference only.For details, please consult the seller.Before you buy our products, please confirm that there is no problem with your mobile phone and only the screen is damaged can you buy our products.

    2. All our products are rigorously tested for screen touch, brightness and screen defects before shipping.We can only deliver the goods to the customer if there is no problem with the product.

    3. Test must be carried out before installation.After testing, there is no problem with the installation screen.If the damage is caused after installation, we will not give the return of replacement processing, the buyer should bear the loss.

    4. The store’s screen warranty period is 180 days, the screen appears after use;The touch is not sensitive, the touch is not responsive, the screen crashes, the screen card is bad, the buyer can return the screen to the seller for warranty.After installation is not within the warranty scope of damage, man-made damage, burst screen, split screen, black screen, flower screen, leakage, broken screen, screen mesh and other defects.We do not support exchange and refund processing.

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