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Original Nubia Gaming handle RedMagic Universal Pro-handle for Nubia Red Magic 5G 5S Bluetooth Gamepad

  • Color:

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  • Description

    RedMagic Universal Pro-handle
    E-sport Design  /  Press-in joystick  /  Six-axis Sensor  /  Portable

    More than your average joystick
    It’s not just a joystick, it’s a button! Not just any button, the button you want! Clicking in the joystick will unleash any move you calibrate to the control, so you canlet off your favourite move with just a click.

    Highly Adaptable
    With Flashplay Smart Bluetooth
    The RedMagic Universal Pro-handle can attach to any phone that can fit into its 86mm spring loaded clamps. Iphone ?  Android ? None of them can escape the RedMagic Universal Pro-handle

    Built-in Type-C Cable

    6ms Low Latency
    Analog Trigger Buttons
    Flymapping designed with gamers in mind .When you are in the heat of battle, even 0.01 seconds can turn the tide. When you fire weapons or make a killing move, there’s almost no delay between action and audio. You will also instantly know when and where you are being attacked, giving you more time to dodge. Enjoy ultimate gaming fun, with visual, audio and action all in full sync.

    Designed for the perfect Gaming experience
    The joystick is highly durable with a Soft rubber for a comfortable anti-slip grip, perfect for precision gaming. Made for fast action, the control buttons are arranged in the centre of the handle so you don’t have to reach to perform killer combos.

    Improved button feel
    The RedMagic Universal Pro-handle has an ergonomic design modelled for a comfortable hand feel, the shoulder trigger buttons are easy to use with fingertips or the cushion of your index finger. Button presses are more satisfying than ever with an improved click feedback feeling, which gives you a comfortable push -back after each button press and a firm long button hold.

    All buttons can be customized
    Customize every button freely to make up your perfect combination of commands.With a customized gamepad 

    80 HOUS
    Just slide on the RedMagic Universal Pro-handle for a better gameplay experience anytime anywhere. Withup to 80 hours of battery life this device can give a console like experience to your phone for days.


    2.4GHz Bluetooth 4.0


    Less than 10 meters


    83.25mm * 82mm * 36mm

    Battery Capacity


    Charge Time

    With in 90 minutes

    Battery Life

    80 Hours



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