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Original RedMagic TWS Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Earphones Nubia Redmagic Cyberpods Gaming Earbuds 39ms low latency

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  • Description

    RedMagic TWS Gaming Earphones Product Shows

    RedMagic TWS Gaming Earphones
    39ms low latency
    High-quality audio
    4+16 hours of battery life

    6 Main Reasons for Choosing

    39ms low latency
    With RedMagic phones, it can reach 39ms, with other phones it can be 60ms

    Enjoy high-quality audio in comfort 
    and in style
    Cool and comfortable design; curved surface with the classic RedMagic black and red, for that futuristic; larger accent and a more layered sound quality so you can really enjoy your music.

    PixArt Bluetooth 5.0
    Low Latency
    PixArt audio, When you are in the heat of battle, even 0.01 seconds can turn the tide. When you fire weapons or make a killing move, there’s almost no delay between action and audio. You will also instantly know when and where you are being attacked, giving you more time to dodge. Enjoy ultimate gaming fun, with visual, audio and action all in full sync.

    Control More Than Just Music
    The Details Forge Superiority
    Experience industry-leading low latency pairing when you connect RedMagic Gaming Earphone to your RedMagic phone while you are playing games, keeps you in sync with the action on screen.

    8mm Large Driver Unit
    They produce sound to impress – from mellow vocals and high frequencies, to vibrant low frequencies. Dynamic range is also extended to enrich the musical feast. From rock and roll to live concerts, every note sounds just perfect.

    Battery Life up to 4 +16 Hours
    Once fully charged, RedMagic TWS Bluetooth  Earphones can play for up to 100 Song to satisfy avert audio users.

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