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Pico Neo3 VR All-in-one Glasses Somatosensory Virtual Reality Headsets Console 4K HD Smart 3D Wireless Steam VR Game Helmet

From R5635.93
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  • Description

    Pico Neo3 VR All-in-one Glasses Somatosensory Virtual Reality Game Console 4K HD Smart 3D Glasses Wireless Steam VR Game Helmet

    Package  include:

    Controller(Left+Right) ×1

    Spectacle Bracket ×1

    Handle Lanyard ×1

    User’s Guide ×1

    USB-C 2.0 Data Cable ×1

    USB-C 2.0 Data Cable ×1

    VR Headset ×1

    Pico link wireless streaming PC
    Break the “line” system and enjoy PC streaming

    4K HD screen
    Break the “line” system and enjoy PC streaming

    napdragon XR2
    Driven by Qualcomm snapdragon XR2, it is sensitive and Smooth

    6DoF Spatial positioning

    10m × 10m super large space millimeter level positioning

    Application of VR all-in-one machine

    in the next era
    Good apps start with Pico store
    Take Pico neo3’s powerful example to new heights. Thousands of selections.The application content of hours covers shooting, decryption, thriller, sports, audio gameRole play and other types.

    Recommended entry configuration for steam VR stream

    Below this configuration, streaming Game effect cannot be guaranteed
    operating system: Windows 10 (64 bit) and above
    CPU: Intel Core i54590 / AMD FX 350 or above
    Graphics card: NVIDIA geforce GTX 970 / AMD RX 480 or above
    Memory: 8GB RAM and above
    Network card: Gigabit Ethernet
    Network cable: CAT-6 Gigabit Cat 6 network cable
    Router: Dual Gigabit router

    4K image quality experience more realistic

    Immersive is so simple

    Many people are happy to fightIt’s as wonderful as going through customs alone

    Why not have fun and sports

    Play as you like
    If you want to play, you can play happily in the application and exercise inthe application. It is equipped with PicoThe self-developed sports center can make you experience and practice at the same timeMonitor physical exertion.

    Super IMAX cinema viewing
    360 ° surround integrated stereo

    Pmax3000 “immersive viewing experience

    Many people play and watch movies Social and leisure

    Multi person interaction, PicoInvite friends to play cards, sing songs and board games together.

    Multi person interaction, PicoInvite friends to play
    cards, sing songs and board games together

    Next era VR hardware

    Experience upgrade

    Double performance and double happiness
    Snapdragon XR2 surface super driven, smooth experience, 6x screen resolutionDriving capacity,1 times a processing performance, 12gb / s data throughputForce wi-fi6 supports rapid connection.

    Optical tracking

    Mm positioning experience in large space

    Pico neo3 self-developed optical tracking system has better improved positioning and trackingTracking four camera accurate algorithm tracking, after thousands of hours. Performance test for a more stable experience. And support 10mx10mA large range of custom safety zones and multi space memory are not afraid of all kinds of complex spaces.The environment is going to be great.

    Light and convenient

    Play like wearing glasses
    The helmet weighs only 395g and has a smaller bodyLarge wearing space, supporting glasses size 160mm, for wearing glasses,Householdsare not affected at all.

    Wi-Fi 6

    Data throughput capacity

    Wi-fi 6 technology is not only much faster, but also resistant to interference and stableFixed connection, data throughput up to 12gb / S

    Worry free customs clearance with super long endurance

    Pico neo3 in 5300mAh pool is used, which is stable and reliable, Use time of at least 2.5h.

    Pico VR assistant One stop service

    Update application benefits
    Community and forum strategy sharing
    VR content exchange service
    Direct customer service to quickly solve problems

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