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Portable Robot Underwater Diving Underwater Drone With Movable 4K Camera 64G 100M / 50M Depth Underwater Submarine UAV

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    Key Features:
    Meet the world’s first 5-push micro underwater drone with intelligent control algorithms.This underwater drone lasts up to 2 hours.
    This underwater drone can record 4K ultra-high definition video from 100m water depth and shoot 12MP photos at speeds up to 2m/s!
    One Touch Depth-Lock Mode
    Intelligent Control algorithms and one-touch Depth-Lock Mode help you navigate freely and hover at depth to find and capture exactly what you want.
    Adjustable tilt mode: Game-like control and ± 45° adjustable tilt mode for smooth movement in all directions, perfect for underwater scenes. Expand the scope of shooting.
    Adjustable light source lens: LED 1200 lumens dynamic light, 4K level F2.8 FOV=95° lens Deep water is brighter, turbid water is clearer.
    APP control: webcast, real-time sharing underwater wonderful. Support large screen, monitor.
    Support VR equipment, immersive body underwater parade, zero-distance viewing of the wonderful underwater world.
    Nature Brings Inspiration
    Streamlined biologically inspired design with gill-shaped drainage, low-resistance, and unmatched stability!
    Intelligent Propulsion and Precision Hovering
    Dive down, rise-up, hover, tilt, and turn with precision. Three vertical propellers combined with intelligent control algorithms ensure the stability of the drone in all directions while two thrusters propel  at speeds up to 4Knots (2m/s)..
    WiFi FPV real-time transmission.
    Rich application scenarios: personal entertainment, diving photography, yacht fishing, road adventure, aquaculture inspection, hull dock inspection, reservoir dam inspection, municipal infrastructure inspection and so on.
    Product Details:
    Body size: 38.5*22.6*13.8cm
    Package weight: about 9.2KG
    Depth: 100m
    Camera: 4K
    Thruster: 5
    Aperture: F3.0
    LED fill light: 2*1200 Lumens
    Package list:
    x1 Gladius Mini Underwater Drone
    x1 Remote Controller Charging Cable (5V USB)
    x1 Base Station
    x1 3A Power Cord
    x1 Tether & Winder
    x1 3A Power Adapter
    x1 Remote Controller
    x4 Support Documents
    x1 Phone/Tablet Mount
    x2 Buoyancy Weights
    x1 Phone/Tablet Mounting Bracket
    x1 Absorbent Towel
    x3 Phone/Tablet Mounting Bracket Screw (M5*8)
    x10 Tether Connector O-Rings
    x10 Gladius MiniBody Screws(M3*6)
    x 4 Tether Connector Caps
    x1 Back Pack
    Pls note, the cable Length is according to the model you choose, we have 50m and 100m for choosen


    Product Picture:  
    Product Service:

    ——————–Product Description———————-

    The wireless control range is up to 1000 meters, meeting the needs of all anglers for distance.
    Equipped with a unique 220-degree double-joint rotary 4K camera, it can meet users’ multi-angle shooting on water and underwater. Considering the varied angles and requirements in the water shooting scene, it is equipped with a 5800 mAh waterproof battery for up to 2 hours!
    The surface of the water is rapidly controlled, and the speed of water navigation is up to 4.5m/s.
    Mobile intelligent fish finder with powerful sonar detection function, can detect the fish distribution, size, depth and other fish conditions within 80 meters underwater, as well as temperature, water depth and underwater topography.
    Recommended for fishing spots, based on the collected terrain, fish information and other information, recommend the best fishing spots through intelligent algorithms.
    Remote tow hook, remote control of the fuselage tail hook by WiFi signal, 800 meters range ultra remote tow hook.
    Equipped with an external Smart Bait nesting device, remote control of the hull to the designated waters, press the remote control button to quickly put the bait into the designated drop point conduct  Bait nesting ,  lure the fish.
    Terrain Detection: GPS automatic path underwater mapping, providing scientific and accurate underwater information in the form of data and visualization.
    Automatic flip function: Once the rollover occurs, the hull will automatically flip to the normal state, and the control does not need to be considered during the process to ensure safe navigation.
    GPS satellite automatic positioning, automatic return, to ensure safe 
    Normal ModeSupporting Full Speed on Water Sports
    Cruise Mode Intelligent cruise control system, enjoy the ease of operation
    Underwater ModeRecord Above and Underwater Moment with the Dual Rotating 4K Came
    The downward perspective will give you a panoramic view, whether you are doing an exciting fishing bite process, or viewing magnificent undersea scenery.
    The upward perspective will give you the first view whether you are doing a thrilling water sport or getting a FPV view of the water front.
    220°dual-joint rotation camera,which captures above and underwater shooting.
    equipped with a unique dual-joint rotation camera.The lens is capable of wide-angle shooting up to 132° more can be achieved by rotating to meet the needs of different angles.The rotation view angle is from – 150° to + 70° (Defining a 0° horizontal position and a negative rotation towards the water) providing the user with a viewing angle of 220°



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