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QIANLI iCopy Plus 2.1 LCD Screen Photometer For iphone 7 8 8P X 11 Max Photosensitive Original Color Battery Repair Programmer

From R256.57
  • Color:

199 in stock

  • Description

    Please note: the 11-12 battery board can only be used by contacting the 11-12 cable
    In addition, the host needs to be upgraded

    Notice: NO built-in battery in it.

    It is normal for the back to expand, because the battery is removed from the back, which will not cause other effects

    It is recommended to write the original screen. Many of the non original ones can’t write the original color successfully
    Purchase with caution

    Please note: if you buy the module separately, our module connection base is the 2 generation. If your host and module do not match, it is not our responsibility

    Please note that LCD works only on 7-iphone 11 (11pro-11promax)

    LCD write, need to read mtsn, otherwise unable to write
    Battery read and write, can only work 7-xsmax
    At the same time, the battery needs to be original, and the battery needs to be activated and contain power

    8 8p x necessary conditions for true tone recovery
    8 8p to restore the true tone, you need the original earphone speaker cable
    X Series recovery requires the original face ID
    Battery reading, please use original battery
    Otherwise, it may not succeed
    There are no batteries sent abroad.
    Because batteries are hard to get through customs
    You can use data lines
    The Latest Design in 2019: Multifunctional Integrated Machine
    Functions: Vibration, Primary Color, Photosensitivity, Baseband Chip Reading and Writing
    Upgrade: Subsequent Update Module Panel
    Function 2: PC support is not original screen
    Language: Chinese, English, Western
    MINI Dimensions: Handheld

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