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Retro Games for PS1/PSP/DC/N64 50000+ Games Super Console X Cube 4K Mini TV Box Video Game Console With 2.4G Wireless Gamepads

From R1106.14
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92 in stock

  • Description

    After you purchase the product, we will provide you with an FTP address. There is a game link worth $50, and the number of games is 50,000. You can download these games for free or download them to your console.

    21000+3D game free download resources

    1:Download Filezilla
    2:Enter username and password to log in
    3:Select the game file you want to download and copy it
    4:Paste to your TF Card
    We have classified the game resources according to language, if you need, you can contact us, we will provide you with the download address, account number and password of 21000+3D game resources.

    ▪ Main Features

    1. Emuelec 3.9 system, support network connection, you can add games by yourself.
    2. Built-in 50+ emulators, can perfectly run DC/PSP/N64/PS1 and other emulators.
    3. Comes with 64G/128G/256G game card, pre-installed 33000/41000/50000+ games, plug and play, more interesting.
    3. Support more than 20 national languages, support global users.
    4. Support HD output, suitable for 4K TV, HD picture quality (1080/720p).
    5. Supports up to 5 player games, allowing you and your children to be intimate and experience the fun of the game!
    6. If you are , please contact us, we will provide VIP prices and fast service for a long time.

    ▪ Support 50+ Emulators, Built-in 50000+ Games.

    This wireless game console is pre-install 50+ emulators, can perfectly run N64/PSP/DC/PS1, etc.; support 64G/128G/256G TF card, built-in 33000/41000/50000+ games; and also support downloading games through the Internet.

    ▪ The Best Gift for Kids

    This is the perfect gift for your child. This controller has 4 USB 2.0 ports, which can be connected to 4 controllers, while accompanying your children, allowing them to enjoy the same childhood fun as you. It is also the best choice for family gatherings and friends gathering~
    Caution: To ensure the console work properly, please do not hot plug the wired controllers or the adapters of wireless controllers.

    ▪ Can Save & Load Game State

    The super console x cube supports saving the game progress and recalling the game progress at any time. It is not difficult for the game to pass.

    ▪ Steps to Download the Game

    1. Please download DiskGenius.exe first.
    2. Download game files.
    3. Connect the TF Card to the computer with a card reader.
    4. Copy the game files to the corresponding folder of roms(the name of the emulator).
    5. Insert the card into the console, and then connect the console and turn it on.
    6. Find your game and start playing.

    ▪ Upgraded S905 Chip

    Equipped with upgraded S905 chip, this chip is more powerful than RK3326, with 64-bit 4-core CPU,5-core Mali-450 graphics processor, and supports4K@60fps video hard decoding and HDR processing.

    ▪ Support HD 4K Output is More High Definition

    This video game console is suitable for 4K Ultra High Definition TV/monitors/projectors, supports HD connection.1080P HD picture quality, you can enjoy vivid and exciting video games on a big screen.

    ▪ Decent Air Cooling

    The large heat sink built in the machine makes the heat dissipation more even.and the game will not freeze for a long time.

    ▪ 2.4Ghz Wireless Gamepads

    Equipped with 2.4Ghz wireless game controllers, the connection distance of the controller is 8-10 meters. You can enjoy multiplayer games with family or friends.

    ▪ Multi-device Compatibility

    Suitable for a variety of HD output devices, such as projectors, TVs, etc,Experience the joy of big-screen games.

    ▪ Provide Multiple Languages

    The latest generation of game consoles can be used by global buyers and designed in multiple languages. The system supports English, French, Korean, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Japanese. Give you a more comfortable and familiar gaming experience! Upgrade your gaming experience to the limit!

    ▪ Provide a Variety of Plug Types

    We will provide a plug suitable for your country according to your delivery address. You don’t have to worry about power problems, plug and play.

    ▪ Exquisite Appearance, Mini Size

    Super Console x cube adopts a classic retro appearance and a mini size, which is convenient to carry around. It is the best choice for friends and family gatherings.

    ▪ Button Introduction

    ▪ Packing List

    Super Console X Cube*1
    TF Card*1
    Power Adapter*1
    HD Cable*1
    User Manual*1

    ▪ Good Quality and Good Service

    Choose SmeshMega.com Standard Shipping, you can enjoy the benefits:
    Only our products carry the Free Return logo, and the following 16 countries can enjoy free refunds for no reason.

    ▪ Q&A

    1. When will my order be shipped?
    It will be sent to you within 1-3 working days after your order is approved.

    2. Does this video game console support downloading of your favorite games?
    Super console x cube uses an open-source Linux system and supports the addition of games separately, up to 80,000 games can be added. If you want to get a method to download the game, please contact customer service.

    3. Can I save the game?
    Dear friends! Super console x cube supports saving game progress!SELECT+R1 saves the game progress, SELECT+L1 can call up the game progress.

    4Can I install the game controller after the console is turned on?
    To ensure the console work properly, please do not hot plug the wired controllers or the adapters of wireless controllers.


    This year’s most popular game console, the best gift for children, dual system: Emuelec+Android; built-in 50+ emulators, can run PSP/DC/N64 smoothly, pre-installed 33000/41000/50000+ games, Plug and play more fun.

    Kinhank’s latest video game console super console x max, EmuELEC 4.2 + CoreELEC + TV9.0 three systems, 4G RAM, can perfectly run SS/N64/DC/PSP and other emulators, 33000/41000/50000 games have been pre-installed, can smoothly play 4K HDR ultra-clear video, Original Android TV 9 and so on, let you quickly recall and enjoy the fun of childhood games!

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