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SAINT OLM 12000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC 12V/24V/48V/60V/72V/96V To 110V/120V/130V/220V/230V/240V Rv Inverter Outdoor

From R1180.88
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  • Description

    About inverter

    • Q1: what can I in scenarios using the inverter?

    A1: you can be in: car power system (at the top of your rv access panels), family off-grid system, the inverter input connected to the battery output terminal connected to the load (washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.) even the wind generator system. In general: the inverter with battery only the inverter link only battery and load, no matter in what system you use, as long as the battery in accordance with input voltage of the inverter can use 】

    • Q2: How to choose the inverter voltage?

    A2: Choose according to your battery voltage, if your battery is made by yourself DIY.

    For example; If you use a 4pc 3.2V voltage battery in series to form a larger battery, then you should choose a 12V inverter. [Note that there is a range of 12V inverter operating voltage, which is perfectly in line with the 12V voltage battery, you can completely rest assured to use]

    • Q3: How do I choose the power of the inverter

    A3: Generally speaking, the more power the inverter has, the better. It can be downward-compatible with devices of lower power. If your budget is limited, then I will show you how to choose the best value for money inverter: If your load total power requirement is 2000W, then you will need to buy an inverter that is 2000/0.8=2500W. Because there will be loss in inverter conversion (when the inverter converts 12V voltage into 110V or 220V voltage, there will be pressure difference, which will cause loss), this is an unavoidable problem. If your load has a total power of 4000W, then you will need at least 5000W inverter.

    • Q4: Is the inverter safe? Does it have any protection?

    A4: Of course! Our products have built-in CPU processor and intelligent management system. Our inverters have: overvoltage protection (when the voltage exceeds the working range of the inverter, it will automatically stop).

    Overcurrent protection (when the current exceeds the working range of the inverter, it will automatically stop)

    12V:9.5V~16V          24V:19V~32V            48V:38V~63

     60V:47.5V~78V             72V:57V~93V              96V:82V-125V

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