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SG906 MAX2 Dron 360°Obstacle Avoidance 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Camera ElS Anti-Shake RC Plane 5G WIFI GPS Brushless Motor RC Quadcopter

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    2022 Newest ZLL SG906 MAX2 Beats 3E GPS Drone with Wifi FPV 4K UHD Three-axis anti-shake Gimbal Brushless motor Professional Quadcopter Dron

    Operation video



    There are three different versions of the SG906 series, each using a different chip, with different performance corresponding to different chips, in descending order of performance: SG906 MAX2, SG906 MAX1, SG906 MAX.

    SG906 MAX2 Also Name Beats 3E:4K Ultra High Definition + 360° obstacle avoidance + Electronic Anti-Shake + 5G Repeater, Uses the Ambarella chip for better daytime and nighttime shooting.

    SG906 MAX1 Also Name Beats 3+:4K High Definition + 360°obstacle avoidance + 5G Repeater.(not support Gesture photo or video function , but add Soaring,Far away ,Spiraling upward function.)

    SG906 MAX Also Name Beats 3+:4K High Definition + 360°obstacle avoidance + Electronic Anti-Shake.

    This link is for the SG906 MAX2 product. please check it before you order ,thanks!


    Name : Beast 3E

    Model : SG906 MAX2

    Life time : 30 minutes

    Battery capacity : 5000 mAh

    Charging time : 480 min

    lmage transmission signal : 5G WIFI + Repeater

    Remote control : 4000m

    image transmission distance : 4000m

    Camera parameters : 4K UHD

    PTZ parameters : EIS electronic anti-shake, Three-Axial Stabilized mechanical Pan-Tilt

    Brushless Motor : 1806

    Support TF Card : Up to 256GB(It is recommended to use a microSD card of a major brand with a minimum write speed of 30MB/s or more)

    Smartphone WIFI Receiving method : 5G WIFI + Repeater

    Remote Receiving method : 2.4Ghz

    Remote control battery : 3.7V 1300mah

    Flying height : About 0-120M

    Distance of GPS : 30M

    Distance of image follow : 3-10M

    Camera lens : Adjustable camera by transmitter, 110°

    angle of Aerial photography: 120°

    Expanded size : 40*9*45cm

    Folding size : 18.5*9*7.5cm

    Camera resolution:

    Store your phone without inserting a card  OR  Mobile phone after card insertion:

    Photo resolution:3840*2160P

    Video resolution:1920*1080P

    Insert card and store SD  OR  Download to mobile phone from SD card inside APP:

    Photo resolution:3840*2160P

    Video resolution:3840*2160P

    Main camera video maximum bit stream:60Mbps

    Transfer frame rate (front camera):30 fps

    Package Included:

    1 x RC Drone

    1 x Remote control

    1 x Remote control joystick (pair)

    1 x Screwdriver

    3 x Body Battery

    1 x USB charger cable

    2 x Replacement propellers (pair)

    8 x Replacement screw (grain)

    1 x User manual

    SG906 MAX2 Drone Showcase

    Overlooking the world

    Three-axis mechanical platform
    EIS electronic image stabilization
    4km image transmission

    List of functions

    Three-axis mechanical platform
    EIS electronic image stabilization
    360° intelligent obstacle avoidance
    4km image transmission
    5000mAh battery capacity
    5G high-speed image transmission
    GPS intelligent positioning
    4K HD lens

    Three-axismechanical platform

    Mechanical stabilization, three-axis coordinatedoperation, the lens remains stable at any time,reducing the wave pattern of the picture, andhelping you create smooth and stable block-busters!

    EIS Electronic image stabilization

    The built-in EIS electronic anti-shake chip ef-fectively eliminates the shaking of the picturecaused by flying, and the shooting is clearer andmore stable!

    4K HD Lens ultra-long zoom

    4K high-definition ESC lens, improve the clarityof the shooting picture, support 50x sliding zoom, willful zoom,film-level texture!

    Photo resolution
    SD card : 38440× 216OP
    Phone storage : 3840 ×2160P

    Video resolution
    SD card :3840 ×2160P 30FPS

    Phone storage:1920x1080P 30FPS

    SD card content can be synced to mobile phone ( photo/video)

    Equipped withrepeater

    The remote control is equipped with a repeaterto realize the synchronization of the flight dis-tance and the transmission distance, and themeasured graphic transmission distance canreach 4000 meters.

    5GWifi high frequency backhaul

    5G high-frequency cloud transmission technolo-gy, fast image return, real-time image transmis-sion, smooth and clear without delay, frmly grasp every wonderful picture!

    360°Laser obstacle avoidance

    Obstacle avoidance with omni-directional per-ception, forest grass and dense buildings, even if flying at night, it can actively avoid obstacleswithout fear of collision risk!

    30-Minute battery life
    Upgraded 7.6v 5000mAh high-density lithiumbattery, long-lasting battery life of up to 30minutes, flying more comfortable, shootingmore calmly!

    Upgraed brushless motor

    Mechatronics brushless motor, high effciency,fast heat dissipation,low noise. A powerfulbrushless motor is 6 times more powerful thanordinary motors!

    GPS Satellite positioning

    GPS satellite positioning and return to hometechnology, experience anytime, anywhere,brand-new intelligent operation, giving enoughflight safety!

    Low power
    When the battery level is less than about 25%

    Over distance
    When the remote control distance is exceeded

    Out of control
    When the remote control loses signal

    Return home
    Click the button to return to the departure point

    GPS Follow surround 2.0

    GPS positioning, automatic follow,360°high-altitude surround shooting, wherever yougo, wherever you go!

    GPS Smate waypoint flifht

    By drawing the designated flight line map onthe APP map, the drone will automaticallyfollow the designated location line to fly!

    GPS+Optical flowpositioning hover

    The breakthrough technology of fxed height,enables the optical flow positioning indoors,and enables the dual positioning of GPS + opti-cal flow outdoors, to accurately fix the pointsto maintain balance!

    Optical flow hover
    -Bottom lens capture calculation hover.

    Added optical flow night vision auxiliary light,which can hover and shoot stably in low light.

    Quick editing

    Enter the MV production interface in the APP,you can quickly edit and edit the video

    Parameter display

    Name :Beast 3E
    Model : SG 906-MAX2
    Life time :30 minutes
    Battery capacity : 5000 mAh
    lmage transmission signal: 5G
    Remote control/image transmission distance : 4000m
    Camera parameters : HD 4K
    PTZ parameters : EIS electronic anti-shake,Three-axis platform
    Expanded size :40*9*45cm
    Folding size : 18.5*9cm*7.5cm

    In the boxs


    Let’s Answer Your Questions


    Q1: Is every drone tested before shipment?

    Yes, we would test each drone before send out. If there are problems when you receive parcel, please feel free to contact us.

    Q2: How to operate the drone?

    Basic flight steps:
    1. Paring the remote control and the drone and make sure it completes the initialization.
    2. Geomagnetic calibration. (Do not need to calibrate each time at the same location)
    3. After the drone gyroscope is detected, unlock the drone.
    4. Push the throttle stick up, the drone will take off, and the left / right joystick will control the attitude of the drone.
    5. After the end of use,Turn off the power of the drone first then turn off the power switch of the remote control.

    Q3: Why my drone can’t fly?

    Please recalibrate the geomagnetism after restart.

    Q4: What should I do when my drone can’t connect with RC ?

    Please try to manually pair the drone and RC first. You can refer to the user manual for pairing procedures in details.

    Q5: Is there a Spanish manual?

    Yes, there are manuals in English, German, French, Japanese, Italian Spanish, please contact our customer service for details.

    Q6: My phone is not 5G, can drone work with my phone?

    Our drone supports 5G means its wifi frequency is 5G. If your phone supports IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, you can use it.

    Q7: How to charge the drone battery?

    lt is recommended to use 5V 1-2A adapter charging about 6 hours.

    Q8: What should I do If I have any after-sales problems ?

    Please rest assured that if there have any problem, we are always here at your service, to slove your problem more efficient, please send the video/pictures to Customer Service,We will solve your worries as soon as possible.

    Q9: What to do if the packaging is damaged ?

    Products will be properly packaged by the warehouse according to uniform standards. Occasionally, the packaging box of the products will be squeezed and deformed during transportation.This is a normal situation, and our store is not responsible for damaged packaging boxes. If there is damage to the internal products, please contact our customer service.

    Q10: What should I do If I not find my accessories ?

    Due to the parcel filling foam more, pls carefully check it; If you not find it, pls help to provide complete unpacking video to us, we will check this issue with our warehouse and offer solution accordingly.

    Q11: What happens if I don’t receive my goods ?

    If you have not received your shipment within 30 days from payment, please contact us.We will track the shipment and get a reply back to you as soon as possible. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

    lf you have any questions,please contact our customer service,we are happy to answer your question,wish you a happy shopping.

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