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SmallRig Mini Matte Box Pro Mini Follow Focus Protection Against Glare and Flare Upgraded Quick Release with Side Flag

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  • Description

    SmallRig Mini Matte Box Pro 3680
    Key Features:
    1. All-round protection against glare and flare.
    2. Pouch for easy storage of accessories.
    3. Upgraded quick release module.

    SmallRig Mini Matte Box Pro 3680 is designed for mirrorless cameras to prevent sunlight or other light from causing glare and flare and to control images on the screen. It comes standard with two 4 x 5.65″ filter trays, which can be quickly mounted via slots, and supports multiple plug-in filters at the same time. The top flag opens 180° and its side wings extend 40° for additional light blocking; the side flag is attached to either the matte box or the filter tray via slots and opens 180° to block stray light. The matte box is suitable for various adapter rings (Φ52-95mm, Φ55-95mm, Φ58-95mm, Φ62-95mm, 58-95mm, Φ62-95mm, Φ67-95mm, Φ72-95mm, Φ77-95mm, Φ82-95mm, Φ86-95mm) as well as Φ95mm lenses. Its adapter rings allow quick release of circular filters (including CPL and ND) of up to Φ92.5mm. To secure lens and prevent shaking, a separately available 15mm LWS Rod Support (ID: 2663) is recommended. This product also comes with a storage bag for quick storage of the matte box and filter trays.

    Designers: Victor Tang, Jerry Zhang
    The top flag cannot be closed shut when more than 2 filter trays are installed

    1: Φ95mm cine lens
    2: Any 4 x 4”/4 x 5.65”, 4mm thick filters
    3: Φ52-Φ55-Φ58-Φ62-Φ67-Φ72-Φ77-Φ82-Φ86 filter and any ND, GDN, CPL, UV filter of up to Φ92.5mm
    4: Any Φ52-Φ55-Φ58-Φ62-Φ67-Φ72-Φ77-Φ82-Φ86 lens
    5: Φ15 rod

    Package Includes:
    1 x Mini Matte Box Pro
    1 x Side Flag
    1 x Top Flag
    1 x Φ67/72/77/82-95mm Adapter Ring
    2 x Filter Tray (4 x 5.65)
    1 x Storage bag

    Product Dimensions: 167 x 137 x 54 mm
    Package Dimensions: 225×167×103 mm
    Net Weight: 368g±5g
    Package Weight:780g±5g
    Material: PC+ Fiberglass +Carbon Fiber
    *Please note the import tax may occur.

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