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Smart Door Lock Invisible Hidden Lock Remote Control TTLOCK Bluetooth Lock Electronic Door Lock OR Wifi Lock Alexa Google home

From R1270.58
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  • Description

    Smart Invisible Door Lock

    Note: lock is not waterproof.
    note: Customs tax is beyond seller price.

    3pcs AA batteries for power supply. 1pcs AA for back up. 1pcs 12v 27A battery for remote.
    Battery are all removed due to shipping limitation.

    Bluetooth APP is named as TTLOCK.

    KitA:Lock with ttlock bluetooth+1 pcs remote controls
    Kit1:Lock with ttlock bluetooth+2 pcs remote controls
    Kit2:Lock with ttlock bluetooth+3 pcs remote controls
    Kit3:Lock with ttlock bluetooth+4 pcs remote controls

    KitB:KitA + Wifi gateway (Lock/Unlock from far away.)
    Kit4:Kit1 + Wifi gateway (Lock/Unlock from far away.)
    Kit5:Kit2 + Wifi gateway (Lock/Unlock from far away.)
    Kit6:Kit3 + Wifi gateway (Lock/Unlock from far away.)

    – Different ways to open and close, Remote control/Bluetooth/Switch/Keybutton/Emergency key/Wifi(Only available if used with wifi gateway)
    -Quick, Easy and firm installation with the external mounting plate
    -Remote controls with digital conversation system, it cannot be decoded or duplicated
    -Long service life, made of Zinc alloy stainless steel
    -Power saving mode and low battery consumption, 4pcs AA batteries serve more than 1 year at standby status
    -No keyhole exposed outdoor, strong capability to anti-theft
    -Suit for: office home hotel Anti-theft door Corridor door Wooden doors garage doorshopworkshop and etc.

    -Power supply: 4pcs AA batteriessupply
    -Operating temperature: -20~60degree
    -Humidity between 5% and 60%
    -Dimensions:160 x 88 x 51mm

    About emergency opening
    When installing the lock, note the place where the emergency opening point is located.
    In case of needing to use the emergency opening, a hole of 3 to 4mm must be drilled in the door where the emergency opening is located. Once the drill is done, use a screwdriver to turn the screw and open the lock.

    App for bluetooth unlock is called Bluetooth Lock


    All Battery removed. Basic function is listed as below.
    With gateway, it will be more powerful, support unlock via Wifi. Gateway is optional.
    Gateway is powered by 12V power supply. 1pcs USB cable will come with wifi gateway. USB adapter not included

    Package list

    All Battery removed.

    For tuya or ewelink wifi unlock controler,please click image below to order

    After matching the unlock controler with lock, and connect it to wifi via eWelink APP, you can unlock or lock the door kilometers away. Also, lock is able to be controled by Alexa or Google home

    For other type, click image below to order please.

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