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Smart Fitness Ring Health Tracker Smart Ring Health Tracking Ring

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    Products Description







    Digital Smart Ring





    A sleep lab wrapped around your finger.

    Monitoring your Sleep, Heart Rate, Activity, and Temperature with personalized insights.




















    1 . 2 daily scores to guide you


    Understand your body in a completely new way through two simple scores.

    2. Research-Grade Sensors

    Monitoring your sleep, activity, recovery, temperature, heart rate, stress, and more.

    3. Award-Winning Design

    Comfortable and timeless ring design, IP68 water resistant and super light – perfect for every occasion from work to workout to night out.

    4. More Accurate from the Finger

    The finger’s pulse signal is stronger and more accurate than the wrist, making it an ideal source of accurate heart rate data, and is more sensitive to motion and more accurate across all skin tones.

    5. Long Battery Life

    4-7 days of battery life (full charge in 20-80 minutes)

    6. Ultra-high Accuracy

    99% heart rate measurement accuracy and 98% HRV measurement accuracy.

    7. Decipher your Sleep

    Smart Ring determines the time spent in each sleep stage (light, deep sleep, REM sleep) and the quality of your sleep by taking into account key vital signs such as your body temperature, heart rate and HRV through our new state-of-the-art sleep algorithm

    8. SpO2 Sensing


    Smart Ring senses your blood oxygen level while you sleep, giving you a more accurate picture of the quality of your night’s rest.




















    Have a complete picture of your body


    Common problem: difficult and inconvenient to fully understand your health condition.


    Smart Ring – Revolutionary health, sleep, readiness and menstruation tracking.








    Why we need smart ring?











    Wellness Management




    Smart ring can do very well in managing health and wellness. They are capable of tracking health vitals and activity , such as heart rate, body temperature, SpO2, HRV and so on.








    Sleep Monitoring




    Smart ring is a great choice for monitoring sleep compared to other wearable devices, Smart ring allows to track details of sleep vitals and come up with personal insights.








    Fashionable Design




    Smart ring has the stylish design, more attractive than traditional rings or other wearable devices. Smart Ring is made of unique and resistant Titanium and Sapphire.












    Analyze how ready you are for work & exercise


    Sleep patterns and HRV from previous days contribute to how energized you feel today. By analyzing the key contributing factors, Smart Ring will come up a score to help you understand your body’s condition and how ready it is for work and exercise.











    Provide insights and improve your sleep


    With Smart Ring’s new advanced sleep algorithm, this smart ring can accurately evaluate the quality of your sleep based on the status and duration of each sleep stage, such as light sleep, deep sleep, wake up time and REM during sleep.














    Free membership


    Unlike its competitors, Smart Ring’s accompanying app is free for subscription. Users can get free membership by signing up on the app and benefit immediately from professional and personal insights including health and sleep advice.


















    More accurate data and analysis from the finger


    The finger’s pulse signal is stronger and more accurate than the wrist, making it an ideal source of accurate heart rate data, and

    is more sensitive to motion and more accurate across all skin tones.











    Tailored size for you to choose


    Eight sizes are available to meet the wearing needs of fingers of different sizes. Smart Ring provides a more comfortable fit than a wrist smartwatch and more accurate health data than wrist measurements. It is not necessary to remove during sleep.















    Share data with family and home doctor.


    Easy to share and manage health data by app, which is compatible with IOS and Android. End users can download apps via Google Play

    Store and App Store to share with family and home doctors.














    Additional Features







    Menstruation Prediction



    Monitor the relationship between body temperature and changes in hormone, predict the menstrual period, get reminded.




    Research-Grade Sensors



    Smart Ring is equipped with research-grade sensors, guaranteeing accurate results from your finger even during sleep.




    Long Battery Life



    On average, one full charge of Smart ring will guarantee 4 – 7 days of battery life. It will take 20 – 80 minutes to complete the charge.
















    • Sleep Monitoring

    – Awake


    – Light sleep


    – Deep sleep


    – REM sleep


    – Sleep time


    – Time in bed

    • Sleep and Readiness Scores

    – Understand your body in a completely new way through two simple scores based off your body’s personal baselines.

    • Trends

    – See daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views of your key body metrics

    • 24/7 Heart Rate

    – Learn how your body responds to your daily habits and choices by following your heart rate from morning to night.

    • SpO2 sensing

    – Measures blood oxygen levels while you sleep

    • Mindfulness


    • Period Prediction

    – Track your cycle and predict your period up to 30 days in advance

    • Tags

    – Helps you understand how a specific activity, feeling, or choice affects your quality of sleep and Readiness.

    • SOS Feature (Optional)



    • Blue tooth Low-Energy (Blue tooth 5.0)


    • Automatic firmware updates via Smart ring App


    • Smart Ring App operating system requirements


    – Android 6.0 or Higher


    – iOS 11.0 or Higher


    • SDK available for core partner


    – iOS ObjC / Swift SDK


    – Android Java SDK


    • EMF-Safe and Allows Airplane Mode


    • Durable Titanium


    • PVD Coating


    • Non-Allergenic, Non-Metallic, Seamless Inner Molding


    • Water resistant up to 100m (more than 328 ft.)


    • 4 to 7 days of battery life


    • Full Charge in 20 to 80 minutes


    • Charging Mode (Alternative)


    – Magnetic charging


    – Wireless charging


    • Width: 7.9mm


    • Thickness: 3.65mm – Size of a Wedding Band


    • 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 total 8 Ring Size


    • Weight: 4 to 6 grams (depending on ring size)


    – lighter than a conventional ring


    • Temperature: -25~70 °C (-13~158 °F)


    • Humidity: ≤93%


    • Atmospheric Pressure: 50~106 kPa


    • Ring


    • Charging Accessories


    • User Manual


    • 2-year limited hardware



    Company Profile













    Nanchang Usmiley Trading Co., Ltd is one stop solution provider for intelligent medical, beauty, home care and healthcare industry, which is located in Nanchang City, the capital of Jiangxi Province, we are dedicated to providing the excellent quality, competitive price and good valued products to the customers all the time. With more than 10 years experiences in the medical and beauty industry, we have a good understanding of the market, and already cooperated with more than 100 superior partner factories and R&D companies, we can not only provide you the products involving medical consumables, medical equipment, intelligent medical devices, rehabilitation equipment and home care devices, but can also provide you some ODM and OEM services, our medical and beauty products have been exported to many countries, such as Europe, U.S.A, Middle East, Africa and so on.




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