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Smart HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 PORSCHE DESIGN Bluetooth Call Sports Health Coach Heart Rate Monitoring Music Fashion Titanium Gold

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    Porsche Design Adds A Luxury Veneer To The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

    Huawei has had a relationship with Porsche Design since at least 2016. It has now announced its next “Porsche” wearable, the Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro edition.

    The Porsche Design Huawei GT 2 Pro’s problem is Huawei had already pushed the quality of construction about as far as it would go in the standard version. Its face looks almost identical.

    Both watches have a titanium casing with a ceramic back, a league above the steel and glass or plastic other top-tier fitness watches use. The screen is covered with Sapphire, which is harder than the more common Gorilla Glass.

    A couple of the markings around the display are red rather than white, and there’s a Porsche Design logo under the glass

    The strap is the part Porsche Design adds. Where the standard Watch GT 2 Pro includes a rubbery EasyFit strap, the Porsche Design edition has a sophisticated-looking titanium metal link band. It has the “executive” appearance that suits an expensive watch.

    it does have long battery life, of up to 14 days, full GPS and blood oxygen saturation-reading hardware built into the heart rate reader array on its underside.


    The Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT 2 is basically just the Watch GT 2 Pro but with a Titanium body and bracelet. The premium materials make all the difference–titanium frame and a glossy ceramic back. The watch face boasts a new Porche Design so it looks really premium.

    Huawei has retained the specs and features: a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, 454 x 454 resolution, 4GB of RAM, GPS, Bluetooth 5.1, SpO2 monitoring, and real-time heart rate monitoring. The smartwatch can last up to 14 days. It also comes with wireless charging support for more convenience.

    The special Watch GT 2 version features Golf Mode that can analyze one’s posture and swing. It can also provide tips for improvements.

    The wearable device also offers a built-in altitude barometer, stress level monitoring, more than a hundred workout modes. The barometer offers real-time weather warnings and detection of sudden air pressure change. Other features include customized precision, Skiing Coach, new Golf Drive Range Mode, Route Back, 24-hour SpO2 level detection, HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0+, TruSleep 2.0, and TruRelax.8D2906239127F87A96220999CBA01810CBD7AB96A79591DC 拷贝



    This product is used via Bluetooth connection with your phone



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    The buckle is accented with the Porsche Design logo and the two digital crowns feature the iconic red circle of the car brand. There’s also a bunch of Porsche / car / racing inspired digital elements and apps on board.

    And, because everyone who drives a Porsche also plays golf, there’s a new Golf Drive Range Mode that can analyze your swing posture and provide tips for improving your game.


    On the smartwatch front you’ll get an impressive two-week long battery life, fitness tracking from more than 100 workout modes, Huawei TruSeen 4.0+ heart rate monitoring technology and comprehensive health monitoring; think stress levels, sleep quality and SpO2 levels.

    Porsche Design isn’t quite the car company, rather a studio offshoot of it owned by the umbrella company Porsche Automobil Holding SE, who do all the motor stuff.





    Premium Innovation
    Inspired by the aerodynamic streamline design of racing cars, PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 reveals the upgraded integration of aesthetics and technology. The wear-resistant sapphire glass watch dial pairs seamlessly with the lightweight titanium frame for a premium look and extremely smooth touch.


    An Ode to Classic
    Keep the passion for speed and performance and make it visible on your wrist. The classic black watch face and vibrant red indications inherit the signature design of the dashboard and transfer the sports car gene into an extraordinary smartwatch.








    The solid buttons fit perfectly with the frame to ensure easy adjustments and present an elegant look from every angle. The titanium frame is ultra-light and strong enough to withstand extreme weather. The glossy and skin-friendly ceramic back offers ultimate smooth and comfortable wearing. This watch reveals the brilliance and essence of PORSCHE DESIGN down to the last detail.






    Made of durable titanium alloy, the butterfly deployant buckle conceals the link and guarantees a seamless connection for perfect integrity into your life. With just a simple snap, the buckle can be securely locked. With a simple press on both sides, the clasp unlocks with ease.



    Absolute precision is now on your wrist. The watch comes with a quick-detachable watch strap, which has removeable band links and adjustable straps to be customised to fit your wrist.


    800_800_4CE82EB23AEFD1817734B2E958336D2FAF5A893F61C4C6F6 拷贝

    Redefine Your 


    Go Exploring


    Supporting precise data tracking for 100+ workout modes, such as climbing, outdoor running, rowing, surfing, tennis, etc., the smart watch helps track all the ways you move. Moreover, there are more than 10 running courses with throughout voice guidance1 to give you more suggestions for better training.





    Skiing Coach
    Providing comprehensive data of heart rate, average speed, total descent, the maximum slope, track length and distance, this watch also gives you voice alerts1 if any data exceeds the normal rate. Maintain a good balance, and double the enjoyment.






    Ready for Outdoor 



    More than showing the current moon phase as you see it in the sky, this watch also lets you know the times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset. With the built-in barometer, it detects air pressure change in real-time to remind you of the possible extreme weather events. Always be prepared for your trips or outdoor adventures.






    Accurate Monitoring,

    Lower Consumption
    The sapphire glass on the back integrated with the polished ceramic cover for a comfortable wearing. The upgraded LEDs and four photodiodes collaborate with intelligent AI algorithms, effectively lowering the power consumption while accurately measuring SpO2 or heart rate, which provides you longer protection with one charge.













    With 5 minutes of wireless quick charge, you can use PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 for 10 hours.3 It also supports reverse charging from your HUAWEI smartphone when there is lack of chargers.4 When fully charged, it can last for 14 days for typical use situations and 8 days for heavy use scenes.5












    Titanium Gold

    ·         Quick View


    2-week Battery Life

    Sapphire Glass, Titanium Body

    Golf Driving Range & Skiing & Swimming (5 ATM), 100+ Workout Modes

    ·         Dimensions

    46.7 mm x 46.7 mm x 11.4 mm

    *Product size, product weight, and related specifications are theoretical values only. Actual measurements between individual products may vary. All specifications are subject to the actual product.

    ·         Weight

    Approximately 52 g (without the strap) 

    *Product size, product weight, and related specifications are theoretical values only. Actual measurements between individual products may vary. All specifications are subject to the actual product.

    ·         Display

    1.39 inch AMOLED

    The AMOLED touchscreen supports slide and touch gestures.

    ·         Watch Case


    Titanium Gold


    Titanium + Sapphire Glass

    ·         Watch Strap

    Titanium Strap

    ·         Sensors

    Accelerometer sensor

    Gyroscope sensor

    Geomagnetic sensor

    Optical heart rate sensor

    Air pressure sensor

    ·         Button

    Power button, function button

    ·         Charging Port

    Wireless Charging Port

    ·         System Requirements

    Android 5.0 or later

    iOS 9.0 or later

    ·         Waterproof Level

    5 ATM water-resistant


    ·         Connectivity

    GPS Supported

    Bluetooth 5.1,BLE/BR/EDR

    ·         Environment

    Temperature:  -20 ℃~+ 45 ℃

    Humidity: 5%~95% (non-condensation)

    ·         Battery Life

    14 days for typical use. 

    (The typical usage scenarios are decided based on the user habits. The specific battery life depends on the user habits and usage frequency.)

    ·         Processor

    Kirin A1 + STL4R9

    ·         Memory

    4 GB

    *The available memory capacity is less than this value because the system software takes up part of the space.

    ·         Speaker


    ·         Microphone


    ·         Charging

    Charger Voltage and Current Requirements:

    5V 0.5A/1A/1.5A/2A

    ·         In The Box

    Watch x 1

    Charging Cradle x 1

    Charging Cable x 1

    User Guide & Safety Information & Warranty Card x 1

    Black Fluoroelastomer Strap x 1




    porsche-design-huawei-watch-gt2-id-img03~1800_800_B5299920FAE89D02E32FC8E7CC803754188EB3EE03AA0914 拷贝800_800_3230B754974CF414ECBBB48687629727AF7F2DA588E5A1CB 拷贝































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