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SMATRUL Tuya Smart Home APP WiFi Touch Switch Light RF 433Mhz Wall Panel DIY Relay Module Timer Alexa Socket Lamp 110-220V

From R261.34
  • Color:

2719 in stock

  • Description


    Our advantage:

    1.433MHZ RF function + WIFI function 2 in 1, smarter and more user-friendly

    2. Pass CE, FCC, ROHS certification: 100% inspection before transportation to ensure product safety

    3. Highly sensitive design, Drawer box design, Luminous fluorescent strip, Drop resistance design, Large panel, etc.

    4.Professional after-sales team: Shoot a large number of videos to handle various anomalies and quickly solve customer problems

    Controller connection method

    The input terminal and output terminal cannot be reversed,
    otherwise there will be a risk of burnout

    Four control functions

    Added Wifi control function

    Avoid Darkness and Save Energy

    Turn the lights on in advance to avoid darkness.
    Turn off the lights after leaving, save energy

    voice control

    Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa,Google Home,

    Timing function

    You can set the time to turn on the lights

    Countdown function

    You can set a countdown for humidifiers, microwaves and moer
    The device will stop automatically.

    100m long distance signal

    (Suitable for open areas, the scope of use in non-open areas will be reduced)

    Family Sharing Control Fun

    main account has the exclusive permissions,one click to share the permissions with the whole family.let the family enjoy the fun of smart life!

    3 Kinds Of Restart State

    1.Turn off the lights, turn on the lights, and operate before the memory

    2.No need to worry about the status of the lights when going out

    Flame retardant material

    Can inhibit or delay burning but not easy to burn

    More convenient and smarter

    We recommend multiple products to buy, more convenient at home

    Controller parameters

    Working voltage:AC90-250V 60HZ/50HZ
    wif:IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
    Working frequency: 433MHZ
    Maximum current: 10A

    wireless switch Parameter

    1, working voltage: DC 3V
    2, working frequency: 433.92MHZ
    3. Transmitting power: <10mW
    4. Remote control distance: <50 meters
    (indoor distance)
    5, size: 86 * 86 * (mm)
    6.Cr2032 battery, standard battery, (Does not contain battery)About 1 year can be used
    7.2 kinds of fixing methods: screw + double-sided
    (in open area)

    high sensitivity

    The switch can be touched even with wet hands without affecting

    Luxury glass panel

    Scratch and dirt resistant

    Anti-drop design

    Rounded corners are wrapped around to prevent breakage

    More convenient remote control fun

    When you wake up at night, the wireless switch is more convenient.and will not affect the rest of the baby and family.

    Easy to change battery

    The bottom battery compartment can
    be directly pulled out to replace,
    no need to remove the switch

    Luminous fluorescent strip

    Don’t worry about not finding the switch

    How to add device to mobile app

    1.Scan the QR-code of the manual or Search ‘ Smart Life ’ to download and install the device’s APP

    2.After the wiring is completed, turn on the power and operate according to the status of the smart switch indicator:

    3.If the red light of the smart switch flashes continuously at this time, it indicates that the smart switch has entered the state of waiting for connection to WiFi; then open the APP and follow the instructions to connect to WiFi.

    4. If the indicator light of the smart switch is not flashing red light, please press the button of the smart switch and keep it for more than 5 seconds until the red light flashes continuously, then open the APP and connect to the WiFi according to the manual.

    How To Pair Signals

    1.Press the learning key three times quickly
    and see the indicator flashing

    2.Press the wireless switch
    one time, successful

    How To Clear The Signal

    Press the learning key eight times quickly
    the indicator light flashes and then goes out, clearing is complete

    How to pair phone signal

    Press the learning key 5s,The indicator light flashes to pair the phone signal

    How to solve the problem (if the product has a problem)

    1. First check if the battery model is correct (Cr2032 battery)? Is the battery charged?

    2.please provide an email and we will send you video. You can try the following steps. First you can clear the signal . Then re-pair the signal

    3. If these questions still don’t solve the problem, please send the video to our email address (xue19870608@163.com). We check if your method is correct. If the product is really defective, we will re-deliver the wireless switch or controller to you.

    1.Why is the device unstable on the app?

    1. Each router having the connection limited, but more and more smart device working on family
    2. A lots family still using very old version routerseven more than 3years ago version.
    In order to have excellent experience, the suggestion is :
    1. re-set the router connection limited
    2. change a new update version router
    3. please note these switch only work on 2.4G wi-fi network, not 5G.

    2. Why the APP can’t find the device in pairing status?

    That’s because of your phone’s cache. Please close the WLAN of your phone then open it after a minute. At the same time,please power off the device if you can, then power up to try again.

    3.other problems

    First suggest to view the instructions. If you still have problems, please contact us. We send videos to help you


    1. professional electrician should operate this product. When powering on, do not touch the antenna. Install this product without opening the protective cover

    2.This controller will not be available if a wall switch with RF function is installed at home. Otherwise the function will be affected. Just need to buy a separate wireless switch

    3. Do not operate with power. Turn off the power supply and operate it. If the test is confirmed to be correct, use it under the guidance of a professional electrician.

    4. When the voltage of the remote control is insufficient, please change the battery in time (the remote control distance becomes closer when the remote control battery voltage is insufficient).

    5. When using wireless electronic products, care should be taken to avoid metal masks, large electronic devices, electromagnetic fields, etc., which have strong interference sources, to avoid remote control and short receiving distance or to work normally.

    6. Do not use this electronic product abnormally. Abnormal use will reduce product performance and longevity. In severe cases, damage to the product will also pose a safety hazard.

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