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Sony WF-1000XM4 Earphone Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbud Headphones with Alexa Built-in XM4

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    1. Noise reduction black technology—–high performance integrated processor V1
    2.Al intelligent noise reduction—–automatically switch the preset ambient sound and noise reduction scheme
    3. All-day battery life —- can meet the power demand of about 36 hours
    4. Fast charging – 5 minutes of fast charging can play music for about 1 hour
    5. Quick start of the call—–only free pick-up conversation function
    6. Sound quality optimization—–Advanced version of digital sound enhancement engine (support Hi-Res Wireless)

    Extraordinary noise reduction

    Turn on the adaptive sound control function through the Sonyl Headphones Connect App, which can automatically detect your activity status and activity location, and automatically switch to preset ambient sounds by learning and recognizing the places you frequent, such as the office, gym or coffee shop And noise reduction scheme, you can also manually switch to 20 levels of ambient sound to achieve intelligent noise reduction.

    Wind Noise Mode

    When the wind blows, you can select the “Auto Wind Noise Reduction” mode in the Headphones Connect App, and the WF-1000xM4 earphones will detect and automatically suppress wind noise, so as to achieve more effective noise reduction and immerse you in listening enjoyment.

    Ambient mode

    In ambient sound mode, the WF-1000XM4 earphones can penetrate more surrounding sounds, bringing you a more natural listening experience, connecting with the surrounding environment at all times, and not missing important voice information.

    Noise Reduction Black Technology

    1.Integrated Processor V1

    Sony’s independent research and development not only absorbs and improves the excellent noise reduction performance of the high-definition noise reduction processor QN1e, but also reduces power consumption and saves electricity.

    2.New 6mm Drive Unit

    A higher flexible diaphragm is adopted, and the magnet volume is increased by about 20%5 to generate a high-precision noise reduction signal for the low frequency range, thereby enhancing the low frequency noise reduction performance.

    3.High Performance Dual Feedback Microphone

    It can capture more ambient sounds around, and provide stable noise reduction in a variety of environments, making the sound more realistic.

    4. Noise-cancelling and sound-isolating earplugs

    Made of polyurethane foam, soft to the touch and elastic,
    Can increase the contact surface between the earbud and the ear canal, thereby eliminating the gap,
    Improves noise reduction in the high frequency range.

    Note: This product will have other tiny sounds under the influence of noise reduction components in a specific environment. Does not affect the normal use of the product.

    (The product has no quality problems, unpacking will affect the secondary sales, and returns are not accepted.)

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