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Super Console Mini PC Box Video Game Console Built-in 72000+Games Emulator For PS3/PS2/WII/WIIU/PSP/N64/DC Retro Game Consoles

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    Dual system, 64bit Win11 + Batocera 33 game system; can run SS, WII, PS2, PSP perfectly;72000+ games, including at least 5000 3D games, New product promotion, come and receive your exclusive coupon~

    ▪ Why Choose Super Console PC Box?

    The super console x box is not only a computer with win10 pro system but also a game console with 72000+ games built-in. It is a dual system, the two systems do not interfere with each other, running smoother, and there is almost no delay. The win10 pro system is permanently activated, and it supports 100+ emulators and game collections, which contain at least 5000 3D games. It can run DC, PS1, PSP perfectly. What’s more surprising is that it can run on PS2, WIIU runs smoothly, even on PS3. Compared to other consoles, super console x box is your first choice.

    Time-limited Benefits:

    Buy super console pc lite now, we will be equipped with 2.4GHZ 3-color backlit mini keyboard, press Fn and F2 to turn on, switch and turn off the backlight, it is more convenient to carry, it is the best choice for your travels and gatherings.

    ▪ Parameter

    【CPU】Intel(R) Xeon(R) E3-1505M v5 @2.80GHz 2.81GHz 4-core
    Graphic Memory Intel HD Graphics P530 core supports more 3D games;
    【RAM】8GB DDR4 2600
    【Network】Support 2.4G/5G WIFI, LAN, Bluetooth;
    【Output】4K HD+Mini DP dual output 1080P (adaptable to VGA or DVI); support dual-screen simultaneous output;
    【System 】64Bit Windows10 Pro + batocera game system;
    【Games 】support 100+ emulators, built-in 71000+ games, including 5000+ large-scale 3D games, Support PS2, WIIU;
    【Language 】Support more than 20 languages;
    【Interface】4*USB3.0, 2*USB2.0,Type-C, HD*1, DP*1, Audio hole*1

    ▪ Powerful Gaming Performance

    The Super Console PC Box came out. The Super Console PC Box has more than 106 game collections and emulators, and more than 72,000 games are built-in. It runs DC, PS1, PSP. What’s more surprising is that it can run smoothly on PS2, WIIU, and even on PS3. It comes with a 2TB hard drive, and you can add any number of games. Relive classic games with friends. Share the joy of games with your children.

    ▪ Super Console PC Box 2TB Large Hard Drive

    Equipped with an internal storage of 2 TB, the retro Super Console PC Boxworks with the software already installed. The console is convenient and discreet. Equipped with 8GB of Ram memory, Dual-channel DDR4, the console is powerful, launching games do not require a lot of time to load. Because the fun can’t wait!

    ▪ Support Multiplayer Games

    The super console X BOX mini PC has 3.0*4 USB ports and 2.0*2 USB ports. It supports 12 people to play together, You can enjoy a good time with friends and family at any time.

    ▪ How To Check Hard Disk Capacity

    1. Enter the game system.
    2. Press the START key to enter the main menu and find the system settings.
    3. Select the information option and click to enter.
    4. Then you can see the system disk usage.

    ▪ How To Boot Into The Game System

    ▪ 4K HD+Mini DP1080P Dual Screen Output

    Support HD+DP or VGA conversion for single-screen or dual-screen simultaneous output.
    For example, on the premise of working, you can also play movies at the same time.

    ▪2.4G Wired Vibration Gamepad

    Equipped with a 2m wired controller, the controller adopts an enhanced somatosensory vibration scheme, and the left and right motor loads are asymmetrical design, which can delicately feedback the shock of different scenes in the game, and enhance the sense of bringing the game story and scene.

    ▪ Support Multiple Languages

    The latest generation of game consoles can be used by global buyers and designed in multiple languages. The system supports English, French, Korean, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Japanese. Give you a more comfortable and familiar gaming experience! Upgrade your gaming experience to the limit!

    ▪Support KODI

    You can watch global TV for free, and you can easily change TV channels.

    ▪ Support 2.4G/5G WIFI Connection

    Support to connect to the network via WIFI, you can download your favorite games by yourself.
    If you want to know how to add a game, please contact customer service.

    ▪ Packing List

    Mini PC
    Portable Keyboard
    Wired Controller
    Power Adaptor
    Power Cable
    Technical Documentation

    ▪ Installation Steps

    The host can be installed behind the monitor, which is easy to operate.

    ▪ Button Introduction

    ▪ Good Quality and Good Service

    Choose SmeshMega.com Standard Shipping, you can enjoy the benefits:
    Only our products carry the Free Return logo, and the following 16 countries can enjoy free refunds for no reason.

    ▪ Q&A

    1. When will my order be shipped?
    It will be sent to you within 1-5 working days after your order is approved.

    2. Does this video game console support downloading your favorite games?
    This console supports adding games individually, and up to 80,000 games can be added. If you want to get a method to download the game, please contact customer service.

    3. Is the output screen of this game console clear?
    SUPER CONSOLE PC BOX supports HD and DP input, HD supports 1080P / 720P HD output, can be connected to display screens, projectors, TVs and other equipment, the big screen is clearer.

    4. Can I save the game?
    Dear friends! SUPER CONSOLE PC BOX supports saving game progress!

    5. Which controllers does this video game console support?
    SUPER CONSOLE PC BOX supports USB controller connection, up to 12 controllers can be connected, which is enough for the whole family to play games together.

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