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Super Console X Pro Retro Video Game Consoles TV Box Games For PSP/PS1/N64/DC HD WiFi Output Dual System Built-in 50000+ Games

From R1210.78
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100 in stock

  • Description

    Beelink Super Console X KING

    Super Console X KING is equipped with The Most Powerful Amlogic CPU-Amlogic S922X Hexa-core, supports WIFI 6, built-in 61000+ games, can perfectly support PSP/PS1/N64/NDS/DC, etc. The most amazing thing is that it can run Sega Saturn smoothly. Ultimate Super Console, Original Android tv 9.0 + Latest EmuELEC 4.3 + CoreELEC, Three Systems All in One.

    Chuwi Larkbox Pro-Super Console PC MINI

    Super Console PC Mini is the newly developed and powerful PC console. Dual system in One. Batocera 30 has built-in 61000+ classic retro games, including 5000 3D games, plug, and play. Equipped with latest Windows 11 Edition, rich software ecology, Office efficient office, entertainment, online games.

    Four adapters for you to choose

    We will match the appropriate plug type for you free of charge according to your order address country

    Main Features of Super Console X PRO

    1. Dual system, Emuelec, and Android system in one, Emuelec 3.9 system, you can add games by yourself. Android 7.1 system, apk can be installed and uninstalled, unlimited.
    2. High-performance S905X chip, the main frequency is up to 2.0HZ, running smoother and more stable.
    3. Built-in 50+ emulators, can perfectly run PS1/PSP/N64/DC/MAME/NDS, etc, pre-installed 33000/41000/50000+ classic retro games, plug, and play, more games, more fun
    4. Support KODI, you can watch global TV for free, without paying, and a 2.4GHZ remote control is given to enjoy the HD TV experience.
    5. Support free downloading of TV apps and games you like.
    6. Support up to 5 player games, allowing you and your child to be intimate and experience the fun of the game!
    7. Support more than 20 languages, facing global players

    What Is The Difference Between Super Console X Pro and Super Console X?

    Games/TV ALL IN ONE(super console x pro)
    The SUPER CONSOLE X PRO with Double System(Emuelec 3.9 and Android).
    The Super Console X is a video game console, not support TV Box Function.
    Upgrade the S905X chip, the main frequency can reach up to 2.0GHz, which can better run large-scale games without stuttering.

    Note: If you want to get the game list, please contact customer service, we will send the corresponding game list to you

    Android and Emuelect System All in one

    TV system (Android system) and game system(Emuelect system)are combined into one.
    You can upgrade Android system and Emuelect system at any time.
    Switch between dual systems at any time
    Support KODI,which is the most powerful free video player, Users can play paid video and audio for free.

    Note: It is recommended that you do not upgrade the Android system, which will affect the game system.

    Preloaded 50000+ Retro Games

    Pre-installed 50000+ classic games(no repeat) of 50+ emulators(no repeat),perfectly support PSP/ N64/ NDS/ DC/ PS1 etc large games,which do not freeze at all, do not drop frames.
    So many classic games you can play as you want,Arcade retro games,Sports,Fighting, Scenario game and more,then you can add games you like.

    Support Downloading Games By yourself

    Available in Multiple languages

    Support 20+ languages worldwide,including English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and more.

    Support Ultral HD 4K Output

    It has TV Box funtion, you can watch TV and movies online to experience the fun of home theater.
    AV and HD 4K Out,support connect the super retro gaming console to TV,projector,and other devices,HD out quality: 1080P / 720P.

    Upgraded S905X Chip

    Adopting upgraded S905X chip, Better GPU and CPU, better processing effect and clearer image. No frame, No frame drop.

    1.5GHz 4 core 64-bit CPU and MaliTM-450
    GPU 4 core,1G + 8G memory,which is more powerful than S905M and can better support large games.

    Android System 7.1,Download app

    TV system(Android system) 7.1, support for upgrading, support for using YouTube, Google and other apps, support downloading various applications, and Android games.

    More Games,More Fun

    Builted-in 64G/128G/256G card, respectively with 33326/41490/50000+ games,and you and add games you like by yourself.

    Support KODI and remote control

    You can watch TV for free and you caneasily change TV channels.

    Support Network Download Games

    Support network/wifi connection,you can add classic games you wanted,Arcade retro games,Sports,Fighting,Scenaria game and more.and you can also connect to TV and projector to get a better gaming experience via LAN/WIFI.

    Support Multiplayer to Play on TV

    Up to support 1-5 players,you can let your friends and family join the game together and experience the joy of the game together.Using the TV output to play the four-player game mode, so that playing is more exciting! !

    2.4G Wireless Controller

    Mature 2.4G wireless transmission technology, remote control 10m no latency, no radiation, and a sense of human design.

    Mini Size,Retro Design

    Mini size, retro design, classic shape, palm size, which is the best choice for family, party and entertainment.you are immersed in a joyful game with your faminly and friends, will you will feel very happy! The video game console can meet your requirements. You can let your friends join the game together and experience the joy of the game together.

    Package Includes:

    Super Console X PRO*1
    TF card*1(64G/128G/256G)
    User Manual*1
    Power Supply*1(US/UK/AU/EU)
    USB Hub*1
    HD Cable*1

    Free Returns!Pre-sale + after-sales service

    Choose SmeshMega.com standard logistics, the following 24 countries/regions can enjoy unconditional free refunds.

    F & Q

    -How long it take to deliver?
    -We will process the order within 24-48h after receiving the order, and the goods will deliverd within 15-45 days via SmeshMega.com or 7-15 days via DHL Express.

    -How many games are pre-installed?
    -Prestalled 33336 classic games in 64GB TF Car;
    41485 games of 53 emulators in 128GB TF Card.
    -256 With 50000+ Games
    Please contact customer service for a list of games

    -Can I add games by myself?
    -The console supports players to add games by themselves, the method of adding games and the game URL have been attached to the manual.

    -Does it come with the operating system in the tf?
    -Yes.the console come with OS.

    -What if I change the resolution and scale of the console?
    -The default resolution of the Emuelec system is 1080P60HZ. If the monitor is not compatible with this resolution or after changing the resolution of es, if the monitor does not support it, it will result in a black screen, green screen or blurred screen. At this time, you can re-flash the img system file to fix it or Adjust by changing the resolution setting parameters.

    -How to Switch the Double System
    -Gaming to Android Media System: Press the Gamepad “Start” Button–Choose the “Quit”—“Reboot From NAND”—“YES”.

    Android System to Gaming:Using the Remote to find the “My APPS”—“LibreELEC”—“OK”.(if shows USB drive Connected”,Pls press the “Return” Button on Remote)


    Super console PC Box supports Win10 Pro + Batocera game system, pre-installed 63000+ games(5000+ 3D Games), supports for PS3,PS2, Wii, Wiiu, Game cube, PSP etc,supports playing online games, dual-channel design, running faster bring a good game and use experience.Support 2.4G/5G WIFI, LAN, BT supports dual-screen simultaneous output. You can watch movies and play games at the same time.

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