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TECNO SPARK Go 2022 2GB+32GB Smartphone Helio A22 PhonesBattery 5000mAh Mobile 6.52HD+D 8MP NFC Global Version NEW

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    Russia Version TECNO SPARK Go 2022 with Original EU Charger

    >CPU———– Helio A22, Android™ 11 (Go Edition)

    >Screen——-6.52″ HD+ display with dot notch ;720*1600 Display

    >RAM+ROM— 2GB+32GB

    >Camera—— Front camera 8 MP with flash ; Rear camera 13M+QVGA

    >Battery—— 5000 mAh (typ.)

    >OS———— Russia Version , Android R-GO, Multi-Languages

    >Other———-Bluetooth 5.0 , GPS, Position sensor in space,The fingerprint scanner






    LTE: CAT 4

    >How to check whether the phone can be worked in my country?

    1 X SPARK Go 2022

    1 x USB cable

    1 x EU Charger

    1 x Protective film

    1 x Injection Pin

    1 x Protect case(PC)

    TECNO SPARK Go 2022

    6.52″ HD+ display with dot notch | 720*1600 Display | Android™ 11 (Go Edition)

    13MP Al camera5000 mAh battery with long run time
    Always full of energy

    You wil always be in touch.

    The energy-intensive 5000 mAh battery and the energy-optimized SPARK

    GO 2022 will ensure a long working time.Big screen and DTS stereo sound system A

    feast for the eyes and ears

    The perfect combination of 16.56cm (6.5 inches) HD+dot notch screen and DTS stereo sound system.

    Cinematic quality visual enjoyment awaits you.Iconic design

    Modern and futuristic

    Bold and modern design with a dazzling body and large characters speaks for itself:

    the SPARK series has officially entered the era of innovative appearance.So play 2.0

    Everyone can become a music producer

    Record your voice, create different rhythms and create your own unique music.

    Create ringtones with the click of a button.

    Internet connection is not required. You can create music at any time using high quality sound effects

    packs.Improved performance

    Enjoy stable and smooth operation at any time

    Get the most out of your device at the touch of a button.

    Multitasking also remains convenient.

    Even with a weak network signal, stable operation is ensured.

    SPAKR GO 2022 features ultra-smooth operation.bokeh effect bokeh

    and beauty

    Want to highlight surrounding details or an object in a photo?

    The bokeh effect can focus on specific points of light and blur the background at the

    same time.

    AI Scene Recognition

    Our Al camera can optimize photos according to different scenes, and improve the

    clarity and realism of photos with up to 90% scene recognition rate.


    panorama Wider and better

    Vast landscapes, a gathering of many people……

    Want to fit it all in one photo?

    SPARK GO 2022’s self-developed panoramic shooting will help you with this!HDR mode

    Don’t be afraid of the backlight

    What if the lighting is bad?

    By turning on HDR mode, you can take pictures with backlight and still preserve all

    the details around you.

    8MP Portrait Camera with Beauty 3.0

    Make yourself even more beautiful

    Feel free to grab your SPARK GO 2022 and take selfies.

    Bright eyes, thin face, smooth skin…

    You define your own beauty.Snapshot when detecting a smile

    Capture yourself with a smile

    Take pictures with a charming smile. This mode will detect any change in your mouth

    and eyes. Capture the happiness of every day.1080P slow motion mode Enjoy the surroundings

    Have you ever watched this world with special attention?

    The 1080P slow motion mode lets you capture the movement of the world around you on video, immersing

    you in its beauty.

    New Ul design

    Everything new for you

    1.Cosmos blue feature for endless vitality and freedom

    2.Less is more. minimalist in every detail

    Kids Mode

    Track kids’online activity in realtime

    Limit content and play times to keep children safe. You can also prevent children from using unwanted

    applications and control the time they spend on their mobile phones.

    Most importantly, when using the phone while lying down, the child will receive a notification that it is

    necessary to change the wrong position.Anti-peep

    protection Protect your phone’s screen privacy from prying eyes

    Have you ever felt paranoid when using your phone in public? Perhaps you have a super-secret social media account that your

    co-workers dont need to know about. The anti-peeping feature is designed to make it difficult to see the screen of your phone

    so that it is difficult for strangers to peek over your shoulder while you are communicating or simply using the phone in public

    places. No more worrying about a stranger looking at your phone screen on the bus or subway. Now no one will be able to

    peep into the screen of your phone!Safe 2.0
    Protect your privacy

    Tired of feeling insecure every time you give your phone to a

    friend? Lock your apps and gallery so that a stranger can not

    view them. Hide your favorite app in just a couple of seconds.

    Password protect your confidential and multimedia

    applications so that an outsider can not open them. The”Safe

    2.0″feature allows you to hide message notifications, as well as

    encrypt and hide your private photos.

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