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Transparent Geodesic Luxury Dome Hotel Manor Tents Resort Forest Geodesic Dome Half Domos Pvc Geodesic Dome for Camping Tent

From R52025.15
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    Our factory was founded 11 years ago and has 8 years of experience in designing specialty theme hotels and more than 120 proven hotel design solutions.

    WhatsApp(Mandy) : +86 13790021584             E-mail: 2023888@163.com

    Here is a 3D panorama of the dome interior design case!

    ~Click to preview now!

    The price of this link includes: metal frame, outer tarp, 5-corner clear skylight (can be replaced with locking glass door), 4 breathable screens, and initial ocean freight to port worldwide.

    Optional accessories for our products: (This product only supports ocean shipping)

    Insulation liner – 8 mm / 12 mm (optional aluminum foil liner)

    PVC wood grain flooring

    Glass door-(900*2000mm)

    WIFI remote control password lock for hotel

    Star roof + electric sunshade

    Triangle, round glass windows

    Solar fan

    Insulation liner-8mm new

    Leather lining

    Single track curtains

    Double track curtains


    Important Notes

    Due to the large weight of our products, this link only includes the initial shipping price (standard configuration delivery), additional options need to add additional shipping costs. Shipping time is about 55~75 days, if you need more accessories and program design, please contact customer service (support whatsApp communication). Thank you for your support!

    Product Description

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