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UGREEN USB Charger 100W GaN Charger for Macbook tablet Fast Charging for iPhone Xiaomi USB Type C PD Charge for iPhone 13 12 11

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  • Description

    Q1: Why does it sometimes wake up my device when I plug in or unplug another device ?

    A1: When multiple devices are connected at the same time, plugging a new device in or unplugging any of the devices from the charger will render a short charging pause for other devices.

    This short pause is due to the power redistribution of the charger.(when you connect 4 devices, power will be distributed efficiently between both ports to ensure you get the best charge.

    Q2: How to get the best performance of all charging ports?

    A2: When you need to use 3 or more of the charging ports simultaneously, to maximize the output power, it is suggested to preferentially use the C1/C2/A ports. The combination of C3 and A is not recommended because the power output would be minimal in this case.

    *Latest GaN Tech

    *4-Port Fast Charger

    *Comprehensive Protections

    *Compatible with most fast charging protocols

    *Fast full Charging for MacBook Pro 13” within 2 hours

    Charge fast,charge all!Have it,boost speed!

    UGREEN Team

    PS: It is not recommended to charge the Apple Watch when charging multiple ports at the same time

    100W GaN-4 Ports

    GaN Tech✔ PD 100W✔ High Efficiency✔

    4 USB Fast Charging Ports

    USB-C1>100W Max-5V/3A  , 9V/3A  , 12V/3A , 15V/3A , 20V/5A

    USB-C2>100W Max-5V/3A , 9V/3A , 12V/3A , 15V/3A , 20V/5A

    USB-C3>20W Max-5V/3A , 9V/2.22A , 12V/1.67A

    USB-A>18W Max-5V/3A , 9V/2A , 12V/1.5A

    Fast Charge 4 Devices

    Simultaneously charge 4 devices at full speed and save up to 1 hour of charging time with UGREEN 100W usb c charger.All ports support QC (quick charge) agreement. Only one charger meets all your charging needs.

    PD100W for Notebook

    Single USB C 1 or single USB C 2 can reach up to 100W power for fast charging laptop.

    PD20W for iPhone

    Any USB C port can support 20W fast charge for iPhone 8-12 series.

    Less Heating & Higher Efficiency

    One of core factors of affecting power efficiency is the heat-dissipating capability.The third generation gallium nitride(GaN)semiconductor helps the charger to generate less heat and fasten the heat-dissipating process. At the meantime,this charger provides double power density and reduces power losses by 80% whcih also means increases the power efficiency.

    One Charger is Enough

    UGREEN one chagrer with four usb port = 4 pieces single-port charger

    Multiple Fast Charging Protocols

    USB C1/USB C2:PD3.0/PD2.0/PPS/QC4+;USB C3:QC3.0/FCP/SCP

    USB A:QC3.0/QC2.0/SCP/FCP/AFC/APPLE 2.4/BC1.2

    One For All

    Work for almost any USB devices

    Intelligent Power Distribution

    UGREEN gan charger is nicely designed to support most of the fast-charging protocols to ensure that your device is charging at the fastest safe speed.

    Perfect GaN Charger Bundles

    High efficiency for UGREEN GaN 100W charger + 100W PD Charging cable

    Ideals for Business Trips

    Product Parameters

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