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Unihertz TickTock IP68 Waterproof 6.5" Mobile Phone Tick Tock Android 11 Dimensity 700 8GB 128GB NFC 5G 6000mAh Smartphone

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    Unihertz is Global Smartphone,it is suitable for all the country ,the smartphone has global language(you can set it by yourself),and the Communication is suitable for global Communication operator(AT&T and Sprint is unavailable service to America,and it is available service to Other Country).

    Due to the inpact of the latest EU tariff policy,EU regions and the United Kingdom where the order value exceeds 150€ are required to impose import tariffs,and buyers need to use their own VAT tax number to declare .

    Import duties and taxes are the buyer’s responsibility, our price does not include any custom taxes. If the parcel get strict inspected by custom. You still need to pay tax to clear custom. We won’t bear the customs taxes. The cost of return would be on customer due to reject customs clearance.

    Rugged 5G Smartphone Built for Outdoor Adventures

    Durable & Tough in Extreme Conditions: IP68 Rating

    Thanks to an enhanced IP68 rating that is water-, dust-, and shock-resistant, TickTock is at ease in a variety of extreme environments and prepared for any situation. The phone’s casing is intended to protect it from all sides, and it can withstand immersion in water up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes.6000mAh Powerful Fast Charging Battery

    The enormous 6000mAh battery powers TickTock for weeks at a time in standby mode. It can comfortably last through an entire day and beyond. Once the battery is depleted, you may use 30W quick charging to get back on the go.

    6.5″ Main Screen + 1.3″ Rear Display

    The ultra-large 6.5-inch main screen allows more content to be displayed while giving you an immersive, enjoyable visual experience.Use the sub-screen to handle multiple tasks with ease. Customize the rear display with infinite creativity to make your phone even more unique!

    48MP AF+8MP FF

    Utilize the 48 MP camera on the rear to take a stunning selfie. Selfies are simple and enjoyable with the sub-screen!

    5G Dual SIM Phone & Global Band

    Ticktock is compatible with most carriers such as GSM, WCDMA, LTE, etc. It also supports 5G SIM cards.

    Locate Places with Pinpoint Precision

    Even in the most distant regions, Ticktock’s support for 4 navigational satellites (GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, and Galileo) assures quicker and more accurate positioning.

    Two Programmable Keys on the Side

    Customize your own shortcuts and gain access to your favorite or most used functions on the smartphone with a simple tap.Rear Display Customization

    The rear display allows you to customize 3 interfaces. The music, clock,and incoming interfaces allow you to customize them to your taste


    When you wake the rear display, the first thing you see is the clock. The style you choose defines the aesthetics of your rear display

    -To get the clock theme selection, go to Settings→

    Rear display→Rear→ display theme→Clock

    -Here, you have 5 different clock styles to select from

    -You can also choose to toggle on or off the battery display

    -Tap”Apply’ to apply the new selection

    Incoming Call

    -To get the incoming call theme selection, go to Settings

    →Rear display→Rear display theme→incall

    -There are theme options to select from

    -Select one and tap on”Apply


    -To get the music theme selection, go to Settings→

    Rear display→Rear display theme→Music

    -Music also has 2 themes to select from

    -Choose one and tap”Apply

    Rest Screen Display

    -To control how long the rear display can stay awake, navigate

    to Settings→ Rear display→ Turn→off after

    -From here, you can set the remain awake light to either 10, 15.

    or 30 seconds

    Using the Rear Display


    When the phone rings, the rear display will

    displaya caller ID and options to either accept or cancel the call

    a.Caller ID: The rear display is equipped to display the caller

    ID of the caller

    b.Answering calls: Tap, hold and swipe up the answer icon to

    answer the call (The screen will sleep after 5 seconds of no activities. Double-tap the screen to wake it up during the call)

    c.Hanging up: Tap, hold, and swipe the hangup icon to cancel an

    incoming call

    d.Handsfree: Tap the handsfree icon to open handsfree

    e.Hang up answering: After a call, double-tap the screen to wake it

    up and tap the hangup icon to end call

    SMS/ MMS Reminder

    The screen lights up and pops up a “you received a message”notification when u get a message.

    The screen will sleep after 5 seconds if there is

    no activity. Double-tap to wake it again.

    Alarm Clock Reminder

    a.Reminder Interface: During an alarm reminder, all other

    activitieson the display will be interrupted until the alarm is canceledor snoozed out.

    b.Snooze: During an alarming episode, alarms can be

    snoozed from the display

    c.Cancel Alarm: The alarm can be canceled directtly from the

    rear display by tapping on the”X” button.

    Music Control

    To reach the music control interface from the rear display: double-tap the screen to wake it up andswipe up to reveal the music interface.

    When music is not playing:

    When music is not playing, tapping on any of the music

    buttons will pop up the message

    Please play music on the home screen first”

    When music is playing:

    a. Skip Music: Within the first 30 seconds of use, you can skip

    music. After 30 seconds

    you must go to the main display to play music.

    b. Play/Pause: You can pause and play music within the first

    30 seconds of use.

    Note: The rear display currently only supports the YT Music

    player that comes with the system and does not support FM radio. Third-party music players may not be compatible sulting in fallures of the rear display’s music functions.

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