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US Captain AI Binocilar Thermal Imager Temperature Scanning Technology Setting Alarm Camera


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  • Description

    AI Binocilar Thermal Imager Temperature Scanning Technology Camera

    Product Description
    Body temperature intelligent screening camera that uses thermal imaging technology and network processing system to perform high-speed temperature measurement, screening, recording and real-time surveillance video. It is a complete epidemic prevention solution integrating body temperature screening and pre-warning monitoring. Built-in warning system, which can realize on-site alarm of body temperature abnormality. Built-in network transmission module, can realize remote monitoring, remote transmission of temperature measurement results, and push abnormal body temperature information.Built-in battery, it
    can work for 8 hours, and can be equipped with support frame for temporary control on site.

    Advantages: multiple languages, quick multi person temperature measurement, simultaneous detection 25-30 people, computer terminal data transmission, fever alarm, automatic collection portrait of personnel, accuracy +-0.2, detection distance 1.5-3.5 m, forehead temperature measurement, 24 hours.

    High pixel: 256 x 192
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps
    Model: NB02
    Temperature detection distance: 0.3-0.6 metres
    Detection accuracy: +-0.3 degrees
    Measurable temperature range: 32 horisontal, 32 vertical
    Processor: HI3516EV200
    Resolving power: 1080p HD, 1920×1080
    Frame rate: 1-30 frames
    Lence: 3.6 mm
    Viewing angle: 90 degrees
    Operational support: iOS7.1, Android 4.0 and above, Linux
    Storage: 128 G TF Card
    Alarm criteria: can be set
    Operating temperature support: 10- +32 degrees
    Size: 231mm x 129mm x 166mm
    Weight: 0.5/1.24kg

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