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VIBRANT GLAMOUR Probiotics Teeth Whitening Powder Remove Plaque Stains Fresh Breath Balance Dental Flora Maintain Oral Care 50g

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  • Description

    1.[Product name]: Teeth Whitening Powder
    2.[NET WT]:50g Guarantee period:3 years
    4.[Feature]:100% Brand New and High Quality!
    5.[Type]:Tooth Care [ TYPES]:yellow tooth,whiten teeth
    6.[Effect]: Remove Plaque Stains Oral Odor,bright whiten teeth
    7.[Benefits]: Protect Oral Hygiene Tooth Cleaning,fresh breath
    8.[Details]: bright whiten teeth
    clean teeth stain
    fresh breath
    improving oral health
    Packaged in Single Package
    9,Usage]: Male,Female

    Probiotics Teeth Whitening Powder

    Thoroughly clean yellow teeth and brighten your teeth

    [Main components]: Calcium carbonate, Calcium hydrogen
    phosphate,Hydrated SilicaCellulose gum, Sodium lauryl sulfate,
    Essence,Menthol,Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium benzoate, Saccharin
    sodium,Sodium phytate,Lonicera japonica,Peony Extract,
    Lactobacillus,CI 42090、CI 19140
    [Product Efficacy]: Light blue powder with smooth texture,
    Sweet Fragrance keeping your mouth with fresh breath. Please
    insist on using it for a long term for healthy cleaner and whiter
    teeth. It also helpful for Protecting gums and enamel, avoid
    decayed tooth
    [Specifications]: 1.76fl.oz/50g [Shelf life]: 3years

    Dental problems should not be underestimated?

    Brush your teeth every day
    But do you still have problems with your mouth?

    Bad breath
    Yellow teeth
    Tooth sensitivity

    Probiotics Teeth Whitening Powder

    Ultra-fine foam penetrates into the gums to remove oral bacteria

    Insist on using

    you can see teeth whitening

    Easy to get beautiful teeth via brush Get ride of oral problems

    Multiple active ingredients
    professional Tooth restoration

    Sodium lauryl sulfate

    Dissolve stains and tartar, reduce pigmentation, and whiten teeth for a long time

    [Lonicera japonica]
    Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory relieve tooth painand improve oral environment
    Remove bacteria and tartar that cause tooth decay, whiten while strength hening teeth, relieve toothache and freshen breath
    Aggregate and destroy harmful bacteria, balance oral flora and maintain oral health

    Insist on using to improve at least 2 degrees

    Teeth are bright and white, breath is fresh

    Nano powder 360°clean teeth and crevices

    Immediately melt when you put it in your mouth, solve teeth stain and odontolith that can’t be solved by toothpaste

    How to Use ?

    Teeth are bright and white, breath is fresh
    1. Rotate to open the outer cap
    2. Open the built-in cap
    3. Take appropriate teeth powder by the built-in spoon
    4. Open the cap and dip your toothbrush into appropriate teeth powder
    5. Brush your teeth
    6. gargle

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