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VILCORN 16-bit 8 BIt Wireless Dendy Retro TV Game Console For Super Nintendo SNES NES 2700+ Game Stick Console 4k For SFC Drive

From R523.09
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    15-day Free Trial

    We offer a 15-day free trial of our product in 23 countries, If you don’t like the product you received,please return the goods directly and you can get a full refund. But please remember to choose “I don’t want it anymore” as the reason for the dispute, so that you don’t need to pay the shipping fee when you return it,and get full refund ! ( if it is other reasons, you may be charged a high shipping fee.)


    Q: What if I think there is a problem with the product or I don’t like it?

    A: Dear friends, We support free returns in 24 countries. When applying for a return, you must choose, “I don’t need this product anymore”, otherwise it may be returned to China and may require high shipping costs,And you need to apply for an unreasonable return refund within 15 days after receiving the goods. (United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Israel, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Poland, Netherlands and Italy, Chile, Japan, Ukraine, Mexico, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland ).

    Q: Can all the games or downloaded games in the game console be played normally?

    A: Due to the development of the simulator for SFC at several generations, many different versions of games appear on the Internet. Due to the existing technology, it is still not possible to make one simulator adapt to all games. We currently have 95% game compatibility of our game consoles, but there are still about 5% of games that may not be perfectly compatible, may not be able to open, or there is a game console that does not support you, or it is very stuck after opening. These are all normal phenomena. Generally, you can download other versions of the game. Hope to understand.

    Wireless Video Console For SNES GAME

    With Childhood Fun And Memories For This SNES Game Controller, is The Good Memories of the Generation Of The 80s and 90s. This Game Machine Carefully Built 900 Classic Games. Wireless Controller Allows you to Play the Games Smoothly.Supporing Two-Person For Game War ,It’s With a Lot of Fun! Controller With 6 Funtion Buttons, Super Game Experience!

    16-bit Game Console for SFC

    This Retro Game Console for SNES is Mini Design.When You Turn On TV,Choose the HDMI-compatible OutPut Mode(Not AV Mode).Plug and Play!This Game Console Pre-Installed 900 Games and 100+ Russia Game OR Portugal games(The Russia or Portugal language game depends on the purchase options),With Adventure,Fighting,Puzzle,Resources,Shooting,Sport, Etc.Chose the Game You Like to Play!

    Support Downloading Games

    Support yourself to download SNES games. Stored in the Rom file in the TF card, the file ending in .smc or .sfc is supported. (The game downloaded by myself does not have a game thumbnail)

    Support HDMI-compatible TV Out

    The default game has a preview image, you can clearly see what the game is, and the game has an instant save function, you can also choose whether to pull up the picture, and at the same time support PAL and NTSC and other different standard TV sets.

    Wireless Controller

    Equipped with two wireless game controllers. Support up to 2 players at the same time, you can remotely control and enjoy the game on the sofa with your family or friends

    Free Conversion

    There is a switch under the handle that can be toggled left and right, you can freely switch between 1P and 2P . Even if you play the game alone, you don’t need to change the controller

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