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Vintage Landline Telephone With Button Call ID Antique Telephones Phone For Office Home Hotel Decoration

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    1. No external power supply, no battery, directly with the telephone line current work
    2. Electronic ringtones (sweet jingle bell sound)
    3. Suitable for placement: suitable for home, office, luxury, star hotels, galleries, jewelry firms to improve the grade and grade

    Main Functions


    2,The last coming number Re-dial


    1.Taking out the supporting of telephone and putting it on the top of phone,then using the screw which we prepared for you fixes and the direction.

    2,Install the telephone line to the native telephone companys signal jack,then install the big jack at the bottomof telephone.

    3,Finally attaching the winding telephone cord to the smaller jack at the bottom of the telephone.

    Direction of call

    a.Pick the phone up or press the H.F,and then you can hear the beep sound from the telephone receiver or loudspeaker.

    b.You can start the report after you hear the dial tone and please insert your finger into the round hole to dial the number and then spin clock wise to the RD and toggle it.When you hear the audio sound in the receiver or loudspeaker,it means that the number is allocated

    c.After the number is dialed ,release the finger ,to make the dial plate automatically return to the originallcaction and dial out the next number and so on untial all the numbers are set.

    d.Provided that after you finish the dialing ,the other party can not be connected or he or she is talking on the phone ,which leads to redialing ,you can press the RD directly to redial.

    Package Includes:

    1* Telephone  (with packing as PIC show)

    Special Note:
    1, all domestic stent-style antique phone bracket, after the stent will have a certain degree of shaking, which is the manufacturer in order to avoid the lever principle of the phone to break the phone deliberately designed and cost quality problems, does not affectThe use of liquid does not affect the appearance;
    2, this machine
    with Caller IDfunction;

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