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Wekeao 10.25″ Touch Screen Android 10.0 For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16 Car Radio Automotivo Head Unit Car Dvd Player 4G 2010-2017

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    1.Android Car Radio For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16

    Sir:You can communicate with the car through Siri, tell the car what to 

    do next, listen to the system broadcast the information received 

    on the mobile phone,and use voice dictation to respond.

     Car Radio For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16

    2.Touch Screen Display: A car that partially supports CarPlay will be 

    equipped with a touch screen that can turm on or off 

    applications on a fairly simple home screen.

    Car Radio For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16

    3.Physical keys: Car with physical keys is one of the

     ways to control CarPlay Volume control and track change

     control are seamlessly integrated.


    Car Radio For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16 Support 4G LTE (Mobile hotspoit)
    You can share your mobilephone hotspoit  to get 4G LTE network 
    for quick internet surfing,
    you can also use online navigation maps freely and smoothly, 
    You can download applications from the Playstore


    Car Radio For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16 Large RAM+ ROM, Fast Speed

    The Eight-Core industrial-grade chips with high-speed processing 

    benchmark score does go above 40000

    Support  Bluetooth

    The car stereo comes equipped with built-in bluetooth and phonebook function. 
    You can sync the phonebook from your mobile phone to this unit and then make hands free
    mobile phone operation conveniently and quickly.You can also enjoy wireless music 

    playback from your bluetooth device


    Car Radio For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16 Support Smartphone Screen Mirroring

    For Android phone, you can mirror and control on the unit via USB cable connection

    For iPhone AirPlay, you can just mirror on the unit via WIFI connection 


    Car Radio For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16 Built-in  GPS

    Support both online and offline navigation APPs, support 3D maps and voice guidance

    Support Radio/Bluetooth/USB playback while navigating



    Car Radio For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16 Rear View Camera

    When the car in Reverse Gear, this car radio will automatically 

    switch to the back-up camera image view with park 

    Car Radio For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16 TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System ) Optional

    After having correctly installed the TMPS to your car wheels, the sensors will automatically 
    monitor tire pressure and temperature, and transmit real-time statistics to the receiver 
    so that you can view real-time data from the tires on the head unit. 

    Note: The TPMS System is not included in the standard package,need to buy from us separately. 


    Car Radio For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16 Build in DSP with EQ Settings

    Build Your own Sound system easily 
    And with the built-in 4*52 W amplification, music sounds clear even at high volumes.
    Build in Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Flat, User, Voice , sound delay 

    Multiple customization option’s let you adapt the audio experience to your liking. 

    Car Radio For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16 HD Night Vision DVR

    HD Night Vision DVR Mor clear for night shot,Making spectacluar

     image effects even in low light environments at night

    Car Radio For BMW X5 E70 E71 X6 F15 F16

                   Compatible with most steering wheel functions. Easily switch tracks, 

               channels and volume adjustments for a safer and more enjoyable journey.




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