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WIFI Wireless Thermo Vision Camera Temperature Measurement Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera, Imaging Automatic Face

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    Wireless WIFI Thermo Camera:

     temperature measurement face recognition intelligent panel machine series products, using LED display screen, embedded deep learning face recognition algorithm, integrated high-precision thermal imaging temperature measurement chip, ISP image processing and other technologies in one  intelligent access control products. This product has powerful functions such as face detection,, body temperature detection, and living body judgment. It can accurately capture personnel information (such as facial information, identity information, whether or not to wear a mask, etc.) through the field of view of the camera, as well as body surface temperature.It can effectively help users manage the access authority and temperature status of the detector, and help prevent epidemics.The user manages the access authority offline by loading the face library to all devices. Can also be used with attendance software to achieve employee attendance management. It can be widely used in community access control, barrier gates, school square entrances, and office buildings.  it is an embedded system, it does not support ios android version. We can provide HTTP protocol to integrate it into your own software if your system support. For your bulk orders, we can provide SDK.

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