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Wind Turbine Generator 1500W 2000W 2500W 3000W Alternative High Efficiency Level Free Energy Windmill 24V48V With Grid-Connected

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    1000W 1500W 2500W 3000W Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Generator Free Energy Homeuse Windmill 24V-120V With On/Off Grid System

    1000W 1500W 2500W 3000W Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Generator Free Energy Homeuse Windmill 24V-120V With On/Off Grid System


    1. A3 steel housing, makes small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and low working vibration.
    2.flange connection ensures good strength, easy installation and maintenance.
    3.enhanced fiberglass turbine blades with optimized aerodynamic shape design and structural design, can lower start wind speed and higher wind energy utilization.
    The blade is coated by gel coat resin and painted to resist corrosion by air and water.
    4. the automatic-yaw tail rudder empowers this horizontal swing-tail wind turbine (the tail automatically swings in high wind and automatically return in safe wind)a higher anti-typhoon capacity.
    5. permanent magnet external rotor design,reduced the resistance torque and very good heat dissipation performance compared to inner rotor generators.
    6. 42NSH magnetic steel piece has stronger magnetism and higher temperature resistance.
    7. F-class enameled wire could stand 150 degrees temperature, coil operation safety is ensured.
    8. the body shell is dacromet coated and twice anti-corrosion painted, to ensure rust free after a long time operation



    1. Wind turbine 1 set(hub,tail,3 blades,generator,hood,bolts and nuts).
    2. Installation tool 1 set.
    3. Flange 1 piece.
    4. Controller and inverter(optional)


    1.The price you paid for the item excludes any customs tax.We will not shoulder any duties in destination country.
    2.Please check with your country customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying.
    3.All informations(products model No.,test result,specification,features,pictures,ect) that we provided are just for reference, Details pls refers to the real prodcut, instruction you received. All datas are our internal lab test results, and it might have a little discrepency upon different surrounding, pls refers to the exact result of the products after installation.
    4.Since 1500w wind turbine is very big and very heavy, so normally suggest to ship by sea, if by air, pls check the exact price for each country.

    Please note that the shape of the Model SK-1500 is different from other models.

    Controller And Inverter:

    SK-1500-2000 24V 48V 96V MPPT Wind Controller

    This controller has basic control and protect functions, and provide low voltage charging function. the battery could be charged under low speed wind.
    It ‘s 24V-96V system optional.

    SK-2500-3000 24V Wind&Solar Hybrid Controller

    This controller has basic control and protect functions, and provide low voltage charging function. the battery could be charged under low speed wind.
    It ‘s 24V system optional.

    SK-2500~3000 96V Wind&Solar Hybrid Controller

    1.Superior military-grade components to ensure the product stability.
    2.Perfect protection function, thus the system has higher reliability.
    3.Check and set all operation parameters as requirement from LCD display.
    4.PWM stepless unload mode, when wind turbine voltage is higher than the preset voltage, the grid-tied controller will dump load the excess voltage.
    5.Utility model patent of anti-strong-wind resistance, stepless dump load wind power controller.
    6.European CE certification.

    7.It ‘s 48V-96V system optional.

    SK-1500~3000 Off Grid Inverter

    This inverter is available from 1000W to 7000W. If you need the power you specify, you can contact us. Normally, we ship with the default power.

    On grid system diagram


    A grid-connection will allow you to save more money with wind generator through better efficiency rates, net metering, plus lower equipment and installation costs:
    ).Batteries, and other stand-alone equipment, are required for a fully functional off-grid wind system and add to costs as well as maintenance. Grid-tied wind systems are therefore generally cheaper and simpler to install.
    ).Your wind turbine generator will often generate more electricity than what you are capable of consuming. With net metering, homeowners can put this excess electricity onto the utility grid instead of storing it themselves with batteries.
    ).Net metering (or feed-in tariff schemes in some countries) play an important role in how wind power is incentivized. Without it,residential wind systems would be much less feasible from a financial point of view.
    ).Many utility companies are committed to buying electricity from homeowners at the same rate as they sell it themselves.

    ).Electricity has to be spent in real time. However, it can be temporarily stored as other forms of energy (e.g. chemical energy in batteries). Energy storage typically comes with significant losses.
    ).The electric power grid is in many ways also a battery, without the need for maintenance or replacements, and with much better efficiency rates. In other words, more electricity (and more money) goes to waste with conventional battery systems.
    ).According to EIA data[1], national, annual electricity transmission and distribution losses average about 7% of the electricity that is transmitted in the United States. Lead-acid batteries, which are commonly used with solar panels, are only 80-90% efficient at storing energy, and their performance degrades with time.
    ).Additional perks of being grid-tied include access to backup power from the utility grid (in case your solar system stop generating electricity for one reason or another). At the same time you help to mitigate the utility company`s peak load. As a result, the efficiency of our electrical system as a whole goes up.

    Off grid system diagram


    Off-grid solar systems can be cheaper than extending power lines in certain remote areas.
    Consider off-gird if you’re more than 100 yards from the grid. The costs of overhead transmission lines range from $174,000 per mile (for rural construction) to $11,000,000 per mile (for urban construction).

    Living off the grid and being self-sufficient feels good. For some people, this feeling is worth more than saving money.
    Energy self-sufficiency is also a form of security. Power failures on the utility grid do not affect off-grid wind systems.
    On the flip side, batteries can only store a certain amount of energy, and during cloudy times, being connected to the grid is actually where the security is. You should install a backup generator to be prepared for these kinds of situations.


    Dear customers:

    Your positive comments is the driving force for our continuous improvement. We respect and trust every customer to provide you with qualified products and services. If you are satisfied with our products, please give us a five-star positive feedback. If you have any questions/problems after receiving the product, please contact us by Ali message as soon as possible and we will try to solve it for you positively at once until you are satisfied. While leaving a negative feedback will not solve any problems!
    Thank you for your support!

    1. The product warranty period is within 1 year after purchase. (Damage caused by dismantling, manual damage, etc. is not covered by the warranty).
    2. If the buyer finds that there is indeed a problem with the product within seven days after receiving the product, buyer could applied to seller to return for inspection. If the product is indeed defective, we will replace it with a new one. If there is no suitable substitute And we will refund you. Shipping, handling and insurance fees are non-refundable. If it is found that there is no problem with the product, the product will be returned to the buyer at the buyer’s expense.
    3.Please contact us to request a return authorization. Your name, auction number, and reason for return should be included in the email.
    4. After receiving the goods, pls remove the tape around the box when unpacking, without violent damage, to avoid potential damage to the goods. It is recommended to keep the outer packaging for at least 15 days after receiving the goods. When returning goods, please ensure the integrity of the original packaging and the goods. If there is any reason that affects the secondary sales of the goods, the return and exchange cannot be accepted. All cost of return and tax will be covered by buyer.
    5. When receiving the goods, if you find that the outer packaging is damaged, you should immediately contact the local courier to make a complaint and claim, and at the same time take a photo or video as the evidence and inform the seller. If the buyer fails to follow the above operations , then if the goods are damaged or lost due to courier reasons, the buyer shall take the responsibility.

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