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Wired 7" Video Door Phone Doorbell Video Intercom Entry System + RFID Code Keypad Camera + Remote Control+ Electronic Lock+ EXIT

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    7″ Video Door Phone System RFID Unlock Function
    Video Door Phone Kit : Electronic Door Lock + Power Supply Module + Remote Controller + Exit Button + 12PCS Keyfobs
    Video door phone is a video intercom system, which allows you can see and talk to the visitor via outdoor camera. This video door phone is embedded in RFID reader, which allows you use the keyfob to open the door from outside, it also acts as an access control system. Except this feature, it is a video intercom system anyway. Outdoor unit equips with  700TVL Camera, cast-iron aluminum alloy panel and rainproof cover. Indoor monitor has  7″ LCD Color Screen and white color looks more fashionable.
    We add the Electronic Door Lock, remote control, exit button, power supply and 4 user keyfobs in one kit. If you need more keyfobs, please feel free to contact us.

    This system supports up to 4 indoor monitors. Please feel free to contact us if you need more monitors. Besides, this system can set 500 private codes correspond to user cards. If you need more user cards, please contact us. 



    700TVL camera
    1. 6 White LED Lights for night vision
    2. Adjustable intercom volume
    3. Dual-way intercom
    4. IP54 and rainproof cover
    5. Power from indoor monitor
    6. Vandal-Proof Aluminum alloy shell
    7. 4-Wire Connection
    8. ID Keyfobs,Code Unlock





    1. 7″ TFT LCD Color screen
    2. Super Slim design
    3. 25 Ringtones for choice
    4. Hands-free intercom
    5. Door answering, indoor monitoring and Unlocking
    6. Adjustable Color, Brightness and Ringtone Volume
    7. Power from Power adapter
    8. Mute Mode



    Handsfree Dual-way Intercom and Indoor Monitoring

    When a visitor ring the bell, the monitor will be activated and show the image outside, then you can see and hear outside. Press the answer button, then you can talk to outside, press the answer button again to turn it off. If you do not press the button after conversation is finished. If no one answer the call, the monitor will turn off automatically after 60s. It supports monitoring feature, press the monitoring button, you can see and hear outside situation.  

    Please note: this kit does not has Room-To-Room intercom feature, it only supports outdoor to indoor intercom. (If you need the kit with Room-To-Room intercom feature, please check other item in our store).




    Newest Intelligent IR for Night-vision, allows you see color image at night

    Most of video door phones in the market have night vision feature, but not intelligent. Some use infrared lights, you can only see black/white image at night(Not clear image); some use white light led, the lights will turn on once someone press the call button even at daytime(not humanized).

    This video door phone adopts a different design. The outdoor unit embeds in a intelligent IR sensor and 4 led lights, the IR sensor can control the leds according to illumination intensity. At night or at low light status, the 4 led lights will turn on automatically and allows you can still see color image at night. At daytime, the 4 led lights will not turn on. It is a brilliant design.



    Compatible with Electrical lock and Indoor Unlock, keep house safer

    This door phone can work with 12V electrical lock, so you can connect an electrical lock to this system. With this function, you don’t need go to the door to open door for your guest, you just need to press unlock button on monitor. This will bring great convenience for you and your family members.

    (Please note the electrical lock at below photo is not included, if you need it, please contact us)


    Aluminum alloy Panel and rainproof cover

    The outdoor unit has aluminum alloy outer Panel and rainproof cover for better protection, which is suitable for outside mounting. Compared to traditional outdoor unit, it has a compact size and good appearance. The indoor unit has good shape, white color also makes it look more fashionable. Stable microphone and speaker provide better Video&Audio performance.









    Keep Your House Safeb2-2b3b4b5
    As you know, it is unsafe and inconvenient for the children, the seniors or the disabled to open the door for strangers.
    While this system provides a solution for you. The person in the house can know who is at the door and open the door remotely(use remote controller or unlock button) without going to door to check.
    With the RFID function, you can open the door via keyfobs from outside.

    There are several ways to open the door lock when you are outside the door: using the RFID keyfobs or the remote control set. This item comes with 12 RFID keyfobs(including added keyfob and deleted keyfob). Besides, if you need more RFID keyfobs, you can add the quantity of the RFID keyfob as you like.

    Indoor unlock

    There are 3 ways to open the door lock when you are indoor: pressing the unlock button on the screen; pushing the release button switch; using a Password. It is very convenient for your daily life since you can unlock the door lock from 3 different places as you like.

    Outdoor unlock

    There are several ways to open the door lock when you are outside the door: using the RFID keyfobs or the remote control set. This item comes with 4 RFID keyfobs(including added keyfob and deleted keyfob) . Besides, if you need more RFID keyfobs, you can add the quantity of the RFID keyfob as you like.



    The outdoor unit has RFID reader, which supports max 500 RFID cards/fobs. It is easy to add new cards and delete old cards.

    (Note: the function of the added card and delete keyfob (the added/delete keyfob can not unlock the door lock)


    Remote Control:

    This is a remote control device for Door Access Control System, after you connect it on your system, you can press the remote control to open the door remotely, the distance can reach up to 50 meters:


    Exit Button :

    This exit button widely used in the door access control system.When you want to go out, you just need to press this Exit Button, then you can go out:

    • Maximun Power Rating: 36 VDC 3A-5A output Support both NC Mode (Fail Safe Mode) & NO Mode (Fail Secure Mode)
    • Performance Testing: 1000000 times aging test
    • Suitable For: Wooden Door, Metal Door, Glass Door, Fireproof Door, etc
    • Application: wood/iron doors



    180kg 350lb Magnetic Lock :

    It is a High-performance 180kg Holding Force electric magnetic lock which suits for many access control

    system. This electric lock can meet your need perfectly.

    1. Voltage: 12V DC
    2. Current: 400mA
    3. Mode: NC (locked whilst power supply is operating), fail safe mode
    4. Application: wood, iron doors
    5. Faceplate dimensions: 130 x 32 x 11mm
    6. Main body dimensions: 170 x 32 x 21mm
    7. Pack includes: electric magnetic lock, installation diagrams
    8. Construction: stainless steel
    9. Holding force: 180KG




    Strike Lock:

    This is a 12V Electric Lock Rim lock, unlock electronically or by hand, flexible switch, low electricity consumption. This Door Locks fit for different kinds of doors. When bolt extends out, the door can be locked normally.

    1. Application: wood/iron doors;
    2. Working Voltage: 12VDC
    3. Working Current: 0.2-0.45A;
    4. Weight: 1500g;
    5. Authority Certification: CE & MA Approved.
    6. Performance Testing: 1000000 times aging test;
    7. Made of Stainless Steel;
    8. NC Mode – (Locked while supplied with power) Unlock Safe Mode;



    Electric Lock

    This 12V electric rim lock can unlock via keyfobs, inside button, access control or video door phone system. It can fit for different kinds of doors, mostly for the lock with 35mm-55mm thick. When bolt extends out, the door can be locked normally. It has 2 wires running from it for connecting with access control system and video intercom system. Beside, it is easy to install.
    1. Mode:   NO Mode-(Locked while power is off)
    2. Material:    Stainless Steel
    3. Authority Certification:   CE & MA Approved
    4. Application:   wood/iron doors
    5. Working Voltage:   12VDC
    6. Working Current:   0.2-0.45A
    7. Weight:    1500g
    8. Dimension (Face Plate):   131mm x 107mm x 39mm
    9. Center distance:    60mm
    10. Door distance:    35-55mm




    Drop Bolt Electric Door Lock

    This door lock is special in design with durable material. It can protect your home or business shops. Low operational and standby current. It’s especially suitable for glass doors. Great choice for you.


    1. Color: Silver
    2. Material: Aluminium Alloy
    3. Working Voltage: DC 12V
    4. Working Current: 
    5. Ordinary Mode:
    6. Start State: 450mA  
    7. Persistent State: 450mA
    8. Low Temp Mode:
    9. Start State: 750mA 
    10. Persistent State: 180mA
    11. Safety Type: Power-down unlocking 
    12. Lock Size: 20 * 3.4 * 4.2cm / 8 * 1.34 * 1.65in (L * W * H)
    13. Lock Weight: 425g / 15oz




    Power Supply:

    This AC110V–240V Power supply controller is a transformer which provides stable output voltage for access controller, lock, and exit button.

    1. Can reduce the load of access controller, save wiring to reduce the hidden trouble
    2. Set NC / NO outputs, can control various types of electric locks
    3. Based delay control circuit, lock time can be in 0-15 seconds
    4. The circuit board has remote control port.
    5. Input Voltage: AC 1 10~220V 50~60Hz
    6. Output Voltage: DC 12V 3A




    Wiring Instruction

    It is a 4-wire system, we will provide 4 core connectors in the package, you need use 4 core cable to do the connection. Please refer to below wiring.(Please note the e-lock at below photo is not included, if you need, please feel free to contact us)



    Packing includes:
    • 1 * Outdoor unit with rain shield 
    • 1 * Indoor Unit
    • 1 * Power adapter 
    • 1 * 4 pin cable
    • 1 * 2 pin cable
    • 1 * Mounting plate
    • 1 * Door Lock       
    • 1 * Remote Control
    • 1 * Exit button
    • 1 * Bag of screws
    • 1 * User Manual
    • 12 *125KHz RFID keyfob(10 user keyfobs + 1 ADD keyfob + 1 Del Keyfob)


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