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XIAOLANG Smart Clothes Sterilization Dryer 60L Household Clothing Heater Disinfection Machine Clothes Drying from Youpin


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  • Description

    1. Triple Sterilization- UV/Pasteurization/Ozonization
    2. Gentle Heat Drying- 360°Circulating Air/75℃ Tumble Warm
    3. Safer to use- Open cover and stop working automatically
    4. Aromatherapy
    5. Energy Saving
    6. Suitable for lighter clothing such as infants, adult underwear and towels etc.
    – Before using the machine, please remove the bottom foam and place it directly on the flat surface or the ground to avoid blocking the air inlet of the machine, affecting the drying effect and causing damage to the machine.
    – Not suitable for heavier clothing, such as: adult coats, cotton coats, etc. In addition, do not use shrinkable clothing to avoid high temperature damage.

    Brand: XIAOLANG

    Volume: 60L

    Rated Power: 860W

    Rated frequency: 50Hz

    Rated voltage: 230V

    Shape: Cylindrical

    Maximum time range: 121 minutes (inclusive) -240 minutes (including)

    Yes No Casters: None

    Is there a power protection function: Yes

    Heating method: PTC

    Material: Stainless steel

    Control: Smart Button Touch

    Product Size: 402x300x805mm

    Cleaning temperature: ≤ 75℃

    Weight: 9.3KG

    1*Smart Clothes Sterilization Dryer

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