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Xiaomi Air 2S/Airdots Pro 2S Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone TWS Mi True Earbuds LHDC Tap Control ENC Wireless Charging Headset

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    1. A high-res audio headset with true wireless design
    2. Supports LHDC bluetooth decoding. Comparing to the Bluetooth SBC audio format, LHDC allows more than 3 times the data transmitted and also provides the most realistic and high definition wireless audio 
    3. Semi-in-ear design, no worry about allergy, comfortable and lightweight
    4. 14.2mm composite diaphragm moving coil unit. The bass is rich and full, and the treble is clear and sharpallergy
    5. Also provides dual-microphone with noise reduction, making the call clearer 
    6. Supports direct voice wake up of the XiaoAI smart assistant
    7. The charging box is compatible with Qi standard wireless charging, which makes charging more convenient and keeps the headset fully motivated at all times.
    Model No.:Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2S /Air 2S
    Input :5V/1A
    Charge Port:USB Type-C
    Charging :USB Type-C Wired Charging,  Qi Wireless Charging (standard kit does not include wireless charger)
    Wireless Connect:Bluetooth 5.0
    Charge Time:About 1 Hour

    Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Air 2S

    24 hours battery life / Wireless charging
    Binaural synchronous transmission / Low latency

    Wireless charging + 24 hours battery life

    Thanks to the power consumption control of the new generation chip and the increase of the battery capacity of the charging box,the battery life can be up to 24 hours.

    Both ears performance improved

    Air 2S upgrades the dual-core chip and uses thenew binaural synchronous transmission technology to effectively reduce the sound extension.

    Comprehensive hardware and software optimization,New low-latency experience

    The LHDC Bluetooth decoding is fully optimized for the MIUI system, and the hardware is deeply optimized using a new architecture. After the low delay setting is turned on the sound extension can be greatly reduced to ensure the synchronization of audio and video.

    Intelligent voice wake-up

    Air 2S supports wake-up voice assistant, you can play music, tell stories, check directions, etc. with only a sentence of ” Little Love Classmate “.

    ENC environmental noise reduction technology, No fear of interference

    The dual-microphone array environmental noise reduction technology effectively reduces the environmental noise during the call. Even in a noisy environment, it can ensure high-definition voice recognition and call quality.

    Composite diaphragm Dynamic coil, Restore sound detail

    14.2mm large speaker, with a large composite diaphragm dynamic coil.

    Double Tap to Control

    No need to operate the cellphone, just lightly double tap the earphone to control the music/call/voice assistant easily.

    Xiaomi Air 2S

    Smart connection, confortable wear feeling

    Smart Voice Assistant Wake Up | Dual Mic Noise Cancellation | LHDC Audio Decoding

    Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Units | True Wireless Stereo | Half In-Ear Design

    ENC Technology – Free in Noisy

    This earphone use with dual Mic to cancel the noise from environment. Effectively reduce environmental noise during calls, ensuring high-definition speech recognition and call quality even in noisy environments.

    Composite Diaphragm Dynamic coil – Restore sound details

    14.2mm large driver with a composite diaphragm dynamic coil, the bass is full and thick, the medium frequency is soft and natural, and the high frequency is bright. The sound is purer and the details are richer.

    Fast charge – long life

    Automatically charged when put it in the charging box. Both the earphone and the charging box support fast charging. Earphones can be fully charged in 1 hour to play music 4 hours. Up to 24 hours life to use with the charging box.

    Double Tap to Control

    No need to operate the cellphone, just lightly double tap the earphone to control the music/call/voice assistant easily.

    Double Tap any earphone to answer/reject call.

    Double Tap left earphone to wake up Voice Assistant.

    Double Tap right earphone to continue/pause the music.

    Double Tap to continue/pause the music while you wearing only one earphone.

    Stop the music while take off one of the earphone.

    Personalization on cellphone

    This cellphone support personalization settings on Xiao AI APP. You could set the command of the double tap and the name of the earphones in the APP.

    *Xiao AI which is the smart AI assistant of Xiaomi in China.(Only in Chinese)

    Open & Connect

    This earphone specially designed with the MIUI, after first connection successfual, the earphone will auto-connect with cellphone when you open the box. And there you could check the battery of the earphone and box in the cellphone.

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