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xiaomi Fengmi Laser Cinema 4K MAX Projector TV support 8K 4500 ANSI Lumens ALPD 3.0 DTS Sky channel 3+64GB Home Theatre System


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  • Description


    1.4500ANSI Lumens
    The screen brightness is as high as 4500 ANSI lumens, and the brightness of laser TV products on sale in far supermarkets is higher than the cinema standard, officially bid farewell to the era of projection and turn off lights.
    2. 4K image,HDR10+ and HLG decoding
    100% CLO light source brightness output, with ALPD 3.0 laser fluorescent display technology,Adopt industry-leading HDR10+ and HLG decoding technology to bring more detailed image contrast,The picture quality is clearer and more delicate, and the picture is more shocking.
    3.DTS Virtual:X
    Adopting DTS Virtual:X virtual surround sound technology, it brings an immersive “sky channel”, and at the same time, it is equipped with FAA sound effect engine to fully enhance the “sound” auditory performance with technology.
    4. Far-field voice | Amlogic T972CPU | VIP exclusive service
    Using Amlogic’s high-performance chip T972, compared with the previous generation of projection chips, performance is improved by 63% while power consumption is reduced by 55%, and it is the first to support 8K video decoding; there are twelve exclusive services
    5.MEMC motion compensation, watching football matches, playing games, speed does not smear
    6.100-200inch of projection, you can also enjoy the giant screen experience at home and create your private theater.

    Basic information

    Product Name: fengmi laser cinema 4K Max
    Product model: l406fcn
    Product size: 608 × 389 × 140 mm (host)
    Net weight: 18.2kg

    Optical parameters

    Display technology: 0.47 “DMD
    Light source technology: ALPD? 3.0
    Standard resolution: 4K (3840×2160)

    Projection parameters

    Projection ratio (TR): 0.252:1
    Screen size: 80 “- 150”
    Lens focusing: electric focusing
    Trapezoidal correction: 8 point trapezoidal correction


    RAM:3GB DDR4
    Built in storage: 64GB EMMC high speed flash memory

    systems software

    Operating system: Feng OS
    Brightness mode: office, film viewing
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1


    Sound effects: Dolby audio + DTS-HD DTS: virtual x
    Speaker sound: 2 x 20W

    Power Supply

    Built in power supply: built in AC-DC
    Power consumption: < 500W (office mode)
    Power input: 220-240V ~ 3.5A 50 / 60Hz
    Standby power consumption: < 0.5W


    Intelligent temperature control: automatically switch brightness mode and adjust fan speed intelligently
    Temperature switch: automatic shutdown over temperature
    Laser TV eye protection: human sensing prediction (can be turned off)

    Other information

    Noise: < 31dB (a) viewing mode @ ambient temperature 25 ℃ / 1m distance
    Remote control: Bluetooth remote control (supporting infrared)
    Indicator light: white breathing lamp
    Storage temperature: – 20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
    Working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
    Working humidity: 20% – 80%

    4500 ANSI lumens

    It’s not just a bright spot, let the living room shine
    Under the brightness performance of the mainstream models on the market that can watch movies during the day, the screen brightness has been increased by more than 87% again, achieving 100% CLO light source brightness output, reaching an amazing 4500 ANSI lumens, officially bid farewell to the projection and turn off the lights era.

    4K Ultra HD resolution

    Make the hundred-inch giant screen picture “sharp” too. 4 times the ultra-clear 4K* resolution of 108OP, under the huge screen format of 100 inches, the sharp and clear picture is still visible. Using Texas Instruments (TI) DLP digital light processing technology, the picture performance is clearer and lifelike.

    Support HDR10+, HLG decoding

    Using industry-leading HDR10+ and HLG decoding technology, the dynamic picture retains the details of the dark part while providing more highlight content display with more detailed levels.

    ALPD®3.0 display technology

    Adopting Light Peak Technology ALPD® 3.0 laser fluorescent display technology, people and natural colors are more vivid. Comply with Rec.709 color gamut standard, color reproduction is more realistic.

    Born to optimize the image quality

    Equipped with Fengmi Technology’s self-developed FAV (Feng Ad-vanced Video) image quality optimization technology. According to the characteristics of projection technology, it has optimized and improved the brightness, color gamut, sharpness, skin tone restoration, HDR display, etc. , It can also recognize the playback content and automatically switch to the appropriate image mode.
    FAV image quality optimization technology:
    Intelligent switching of image modes, CM color management system, sharpness enhancement system, HDMI low latency,
    ISF certified engineer tuning, noise reduction processing system

    Composite material technology

    Flagship courage, agile breath. The all-metal body is polished and oxidized many times to show high-grade moonstone gray; the cloth panel and dynamic interactive breathing light let the flagship reveal the agility of technology.

    FAA sound alarm

    The projection also has professional and good sound
    Fengmi Technology’s self-developed FAA sound engine (Feng Advanced Audio): includes a full set of audio tuning solutions such as Dolby, frequency response curve, and sound cavity design, making the sound quality more attractive.

    DTS Virtual: X Technology

    Listen, the voice of Tianrong
    Take the lead in adopting the industry-leading DTS Virtual: X virtual surround sound technology, without having to purchase a complicated sound system independently, and still let you hear the “sky” channel overhead. Use technology to comprehensively improve “sound” auditory performance.

    Audio and video synchronization

    Full frequency high fidelity speaker
    Symmetrical design
    Multi scene mode
    TI power amplifier state film
    Dialogue enhancement
    Master adjustment

    Ultra short throw design

    A 100-inch screen is projected on the TV cabinet
    0.25:1 large depth of field ultra-short focal lens design, placed on the TV cabinet can project a super large picture over 100 inches. No worries about hoisting and wiring, no indoor space, bid farewell to screen occlusion.

    MEMC motion compensation technology

    Using MEMC motion compensation technology, you don’t have to worry about smear blur while watching sports, games and other high-speed motion pictures on the big screen, so that the speed is clearly presented.

    One-click start station

    New control, more convenient. The new remote control customized for FengOS has a separate starter button in addition to the original minimalist button layout and voice control, which can project common functions with one touch.

    Far-field voice, voice remote control

    Fengmi Laser Cinema 4K Max is the first to implement far-field voice on laser TVs. It adopts a microphone array composed of 4 highly sensitive sensors, and cooperates with industry-leading anti-noise recognition technology and wake-up technology, through the built-in Xiao Ai intelligent voice Interaction, no remote control, still freely controlled. (Note: Xiao Ai’s intelligent voice interaction only supports Chinese)

    Amlogic T972 CPU, 3G large memory

    Fengmi Laser Cinema 4K Max uses Amlogic’s high-performance chip T972. Compared with the previous generation of projection chips, the performance is improved by 63% while power consumption is reduced by 55%. It is the first to support 8K video decoding. 3G DDR4 memory support, running game applications, watching high-definition videos, and ensuring a smooth experience throughout the process.

    Rich interfaces, connect whatever you want

    Connect to your hard disk player, U disk, game console, computer…3 HDMI2.0b ports, which can fully meet your ultra-high-definition and large-screen entertainment needs. The RS232 interface is specially configured for users of the central control system to help you achieve professional cinema-level control.

    Shopping tips:

    1. Before we send out the product,we can help our customer change the language to be English interface,and also help install some video apps.(need open the box ,please know that) . We must explain to you that after we changed the system the projector language is not 100% English, of which 5% of Chinese, because that is xiaomi system can not be changed in Chinese, but does not affect the normal use, is still the English interface.but the function the same as the international version.

    2. All projector are original and Full new. because of the projector too expensive. except for the quality problem from the factory or projector damaged during the shipping way. other reason (Like buyer does not like it when received it / Different from your imagination / Think too expensive etc) no return no replacement. so before ordering please considering clearly.

    3. Some external devices may not be compatible with the projector. This is not a problem with the projector. Please ask our online customer service carefully before placing the order.

    4. We will open the box, turn on the projector check and test to prevent any factory defects. Considering the safety of international transportation, we will take out the dry batteries in the remote control, so the package you receive do not contains dry batteries and you need to buy it by yourself. please check this before order.

    5. We will add 1pcs power adapter that suits for your country to you.

    6.Dear friend, when you place an order choose the custom logistics channel , it is the tax package free channel. If you choose DHL, the buyer needs to pay certain tariffs.

    7.The price in our store link only contains product and shipping fee, don’t contain any customs duty, if chosen via Express, also don’t contain remote area fee, don’t contain the secondary delivery costs caused by buyer reason.

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