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Xiaomi Sound Speaker Bluetooth-compatible 5.2 360°Omnidirectional Sound Hi-Res Audio High Resolution UWB Connect Smart Speaker

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    Dear friend, I am very glad that you choose our product, this product: xiaomi sound’s voice function only supports Chinese, please read the details carefully before shopping, please understand.


    ●HARMAN Tuning: The HARMAN Golden Ear Team, which is world-renowned for its tuning technology, brings a true master-level tuning standard, ideal for sound perception

    ● 360°Omnidirectional Sound: Floating touch top cover, 360-degree sound quality in all directions

    ● Innovative Computing Audio: Real-time dynamic tuning, nightingale algorithm

    ●Hi-Res High Resolution: Better lossless sound quality than CD, so that every melody and every scale is perfectly restored

    ●Xiaomi Miaobo: Under the same WiFi, through the control center of the mobile phone, you can select the speaker to play in the air, or you can select multiple devices to play at the same time

    ●UWB Music Connection: Equipped with the industry’s advanced UWB connection technology, the mobile phone is close to the top of the speaker, and the music can be transmitted to the speaker for relay playback.

    ●Family Intercom: Intercom function can be realized between multiple speakers, and it also supports intercom with mobile phones, TVs and other devices. You can easily talk to your family without leaving the room.

    ● Xiao Ai Intelligent Assistant: APP control, do everything in one word
    ● Bluetooth 5.2: Low-latency Bluetooth connection to meet the playback needs of multiple devices

    Basic parameters

    Support system: Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 above
    Power supply: DC12V/2A
    Wireless connection: WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz, supporting IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n protocol, Bluetooth 5.2, supporting A2DP music playback
    Speakers: 2.25 inch full-frequency 12W speakers, 2 passive radiators

    Package Contents

    1 x Speaker
    1 x Manual
    1 x CN Plug(We will send you an adapter which according to your country)

    HARMAN Hall-Level Tone

    For the sake of spoiling your ears, the HARMAN Golden Ears team, world-renowned for tuning technology, brings true master-level tuning standards. Ideal for sound sensation.

    Powerful configuration beyond volume

    2.25 inch full-frequency neodymium-iron-boron dual-magnetic circuit unit with a maximum shock sound pressure of 90dB.A 54 mm*44 mm double-hanging passive radiator dips down to a full low frequency of 70 Hz.

    Hi-Res Audio High Resolution Authentication

    Better lossless sound quality than CD, so that each melody, each scale, is perfectly restored

    Lossless music Sound content, easy listening

    Two combined stereos, living room seconds to concert hall

    Two smart combinations, transformed into stereo sound, or multiple combinations can be played around the house, allowing beautiful notes to flow freely around the room

    Modern minimalist design

    The ring transparent body material makes the black dark deep and silver mysterious and vivid, and the simple and pure design gives the sound unlimited imagination from the perspective of vision.

    Suspended touch top cover for 360° sound quality

    The integrated design of the suspension top cover and the sound guide cone allows for a combination of facial value and functionality.Make sure that 360° all up, no location, no place to listen, it sounds good

    Reshape home Aesthetics

    The natural artistic temperament is that the speaker box is also a work of art, which reflects different light sensations under the light of the home atmosphere, and naturally blends into the family and produces interaction.

    UWB Music Relay, Seamless Join of Good Music

    Carries the industry’s advanced UWB connection technology, the mobile phone is close to the top of the speaker*, to transfer music to the speaker for relay play.Close again and the music comes back.

    Family voice, a word goes through the house

    Talk-to-talk function can be achieved between multiple speakers, but also support talking to devices such as mobile phones and TV. Without a room, you can easily talk to your family

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