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Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art Recharge Edition 4850mAh Touch-Sensitive Light strip DTS Tuning LHDC Stereo Subwoofer Wireless Speaker

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  • Description


    The Xiaoai smart voice function only supports Chinese. Please know that.


    -4850mAh high capacity battery lasting Walkman
    -DTS professional tuning
    -New black gold color, touch sensitive button
    -Music rhythm lamp effect, 16 million kinds of gradual streamer
    -Stereo 2.0, changing home into Concert Hall
    -Voice control smart home, mobile phone close to the distribution network, emotional tone, continuous dialogue

    Basic parameters

    Battery capacity: 4850mAh typical value, 4700mah minimum value
    Microphone: dual microphone linear array, supporting “Xiaoai” far-field voice wake-up voice assistant Xiao AI
    Speaker: 2.5 “full frequency 12W speaker, bass booster unit (passive radiator) * 2
    Lighting: ring color Aurora music lamp effect
    Wireless connection: WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz, Bluetooth 4.2, support A2DP music playback
    Support system: Android 4.4 and IOS 9.0 or above
    Power supply DC12V / 1.5

    No plug-in, long endurance, get rid of the shackles, at any time in the walkman

    4850mAh large capacity battery *, bid farewell to the power line constraints, supplemented by intelligent power saving algorithm optimization, indoor and outdoor Walkman, living room, study, bedroom, balcony, everywhere with love.

    Double bass enhancement unit, ingenious modulation, surging sound

    2.5 inch 12W full range speaker with 2 custom bass amplifiers for better bass effect. Ingenious modulation, only for the full display of good voice.

    Hollywood professional tuning, only to meet the most critical ears

    DTS, a famous sound company in the world, has created the quality sound effect of this speaker. Voice, bass, gentle three modes, you can choose.

    Let’s have a concert at home
    Two sets are combined with left and right channels, multiple sets are combined for whole house ensemble, and high-quality Bluetooth LHDCis also supported. Home is the concert hall, feel the 360 ° immersive music experience.

    It’s a sound box, it’s also a work of art. It’s about falling in love at first sight

    A cooperation between metal and air comes from the wonderful collision of technology and art. Finally, it comes to your eyes and is placed at home, becoming a landscape of its own.

    16 million kinds of gradient streamer, good sound, also good-looking

    24 soft LED lamp beads form a slender lamp with Aurora lamp effect, with music rhythm in the quiet night, light up the mood.

    Let’s invite the third generation Xiaoai

    Smooth and natural emotional timbre has a variety of emotional performance, will be shy and cute. You have a good mood every day, because you are happy, she will be happy.

    The art of life

    Close to distribution network: with the newly added Xiaoai speaker box, Xiaomi’s mobile phone can be connected to the network. Continuous dialogue: after a wake-up, multiple rounds of continuous dialogue can be carried out, and support interruptions at any time. Wake up nearby: if there are more than one phone at home, the most appropriate response will be automatically selected

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